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Wijmo GridView : Updating Database From Client Side

Many a times you wish to show data in a GridView and allow users to edit the data and save it. It used to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task where you had to define template columns and then manually get the updated values.

Conditional Formatting in Flexgrid for LightSwitch

ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch is a LightSwitch control extension that uses the same command bar elements as the built-in Data Grid; however, it replaces the underlying Silverlight grid control with the popular ComponentOne FlexGrid control. As a drop-in replacement, the extension does everything that the built-in Data Grid does, plus conditional formatting, cell merging, tree views, export to Excel (even from the Web), filtering, printing, grouping and more.

How to Save the State of C1DataGrid

The ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight and WPF has a rich collection of methods that allow you to easily track every movement the user makes. We can take advantage of this tracking to listen for layout changes made to the grid and then persist the layout between runs of the application.

How to Create a Custom Theme for C1Chart

The ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight and WPF comes with 12 unique themes out of the box. These themes can be applied by simply setting the Theme property. In addition to the 12 built-in themes, C1Chart is also supported in the several toolkit themes like Expression Dark, Shiny Blue, etc. But in many cases your requirements may dictate that you design a custom theme for the charts. In this blog post I will walk through creating a custom theme for C1Chart using Expression Blend 4.

Binding Aggregate Values from C1FlexGrid to C1Chart for Silverlight

Chart and Grid are commonly used controls. Grid control is used to display the factual data while Chart control is used to analyze that data.

JavaScript Programming Resources

Recently I have been working with our CTO, Bernardo Castillo, on a project converting a C# application to JavaScript by hand. The syntax clearly has differences (along with similarities), but the biggest questions have come regarding principles and patterns. As we wrote the JavaScript I kept falling back to things I have read from a few very good resources throughout my affair with JavaScript programming. I compiled a short list last night and sent it to Bernardo, but thought it is something that should be made public.

Rotate Pages in C1PdfViewer

Some of the PDF viewers allow the rotation of pages and changes in orientation.

The ComponentOne Roadmap to 2012

Throughout 2012 Microsoft will be making stepwise releases of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 starting with a public Consumer Preview released on February 29th. With Microsoft’s new platform, application developers will have more options and more capabilities than ever before.  But professional developers won’t be the only ones to benefit from these new tools. Microsoft has really extended its reach to include non-professional application developers with Visual Studio LightSwitch, to commercial App developers with a new Metro UI Shell and App Marketplace - and to non-traditional “Microsoft” developers with first-class citizen-support for jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

Accessing Silverlight Functions from Aspx Page Hosted Inside C1HtmlHost

C1HtmlHost is a wonderful control which gives you the ability to host web pages inside a Silverlight application. There are times when you would want to access a function defined in a Silverlight user control from an aspx page and it is possible with a few tricks.

Getting Data from Excel into C1CalcEngine

The other week I was asked: What is the best way to load data from an Excel spreadsheet into C1CalcEngine?

How to Upgrade Your LightSwitch Extensions

If you are upgrading your current ComponentOne LightSwitch extension to 2012 v1, there are some changes you should be aware of. They now use an installation program and they require a serial number (without a serial number, you will see a trial notification).

When the report, rendered in Wijmo ReportViewer, contains hyperlinks by setting the LinkTarget property of the report field and the links are clicked, they open in the same browser window. This is the default behavior of hyperlinks in the ReportViewer control. But, sometimes, we have a requirement to open these links in a new window. In this blog, we will see how we can achieve the same.

What's New in XAML 2012 v1

I am pleased to announce the ComponentOne 2012 v1 release is here. XAML is a large focus this release from new controls and themes to our partnership with Esri bringing you world class mapping tools. Let me run-down many of the key new features in Studio for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Binding Wijcombobox in MVC Using ADO.Net Entity Model

C1ComboBox can be easily bound to a DataSource at runtime in an ASP.NET application. But how do you bind Wijcombobox in an ASP.NET MVC application. Well, it's equally simple.

Using Wijmo controls in Secured Sites

Many times when C1Wijmo controls are used in secure sites (https), users may get script errors.

Adding Checkbox to Boolean Column Header in SL FlexGrid

There are users who may require checkbox in a boolean Column's header of SL Flexgrid. This checkbox should have the basic implementations involved: