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Typed Dataset DataSource for ActiveReports 7 & C1Report

ComponentOne provides two reporting tools namely ActiveReports 7 and C1Report . These components give developers and the end users similar flexibility to connect reports to various data sources. One data source that has been garnering a lot of attention has been the XSD or the Typed Dataset.

ActiveReports 7 and Visual Studio 2012

A few days ago we released ActiveReports 7 Hotfix 1 to add full support for VS2012! In addition to supporting VS2012 and .NET Framework 4.5, this release also adds several other features:

How To: Set Color to Pie Chart Slices.

When we talk about official reports, Charting is one feature which plays a very important role while analyzing a report and sometimes in decision making.

How To: Display ToolTip for a Cell

Spread for Silverlight does not have an in-built feature to show tooltip for a cell. This blog provides a way to use the default Silverlight ToolTip control to show tool tip for a cell in Spread.

A Print Preview Solution for FlexGrid and DataGrid

As product manager I love it when a feature can be accomplished by combining several existing ComponentOne controls into one solution. That is the case with this print preview sample that combines the C1PdfViewer control, the C1Pdf class library, and several other UI controls to create a complete print preview window for the C1FlexGrid and C1DataGrid controls. In short, the datagrid control gets saved to a PDF file in memory that is then displayed in the PdfViewer. From there users can adjust page settings, save as PDF or print.

Binding C1TabControl With C1DataGrid

Developers are often in need to link the data between two controls. Any changes done in one control should get updated in the other control. Now this is not something new and is implemented from long by using a common Data Source between the controls. Any changes from either of the controls are propagated to the other associated control.

Styling C1Chart PlotElements: The MVVM Way

MVVM architecture is quite popular among developer community and is heavily used these days. MVVM in Silverlight/WPF unlike its other Data Model counterparts, follows a simple fundamental of Code-Free Views.  Even though there are lot of conceptual features associated with MVVM,  the term Code-Free Views best fits to tell what MVVM is all about. It specifically addresses the power of data-binding and allows for a clean separation between presentation and business logic.

Searching Nodes in C1Treeview

C1TreeView is basically used to display Hierarchical data and can used in both bound and unbound mode. We can even show nested parent-child relationship by implementing C1HierarchicalDataTemplate and this has already been explained in this blog.

Export Spread to a DataTable

People often come up with the requirement to create a DataTable from an Excel file over the web. It can be easily achieved using Spread for ASP.Net and this blog explains the implementation for the same.

Display Static Google Maps in ActiveReports 7

At times, it is visually appealing to show a geographical map of a town/state/country in a report. For instance, consider a report showing facts (like area, population, etc) of states of a Country (grouped by the State). Adding the map of the state in the report will increase the visual appeal of the information to the end users.

How To : Toggle Visibility of Subreports Using C1ReportDesigner

A SubReport is a report that is inserted in another report. Subreports are useful when you want to combine several reports into one. In C1Report, creating a Subreport is very simple. To know, how to create Subreports, you can read this Documentation link.

Getting Wijmo Ready for Win 8 and VS 2012

We are excited about the recent launch of Visual Studio 2012 and upcoming launch of Windows 8. We have been having fun using both for months now. ComponentOne has big plans for our Wijmo technology line in Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8.

Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 - Is Your XAML Ready?

For the past several months we’ve been busy talking about Windows 8 and testing our controls in Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5. Without Visual Studio and without Microsoft there is no ComponentOne, so it’s as important to us as it is to our customers, to have a product that supports the new while still supporting the old. XAML lives on as you can continue your WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone development with VS2012. Windows 8 also introduces a new breed of XAML, known as WinRT, for C# and VB developers to write Modern-UI apps for the Windows Store.

Wijmo Grid : Localizing Filter Operators

Wijmo includes the globalize library, but not every individual language. When setting the culture option you must include the language file in your script references. The CDN hosts all of the individual files or you can download them from Github

WijGrid HowTo : Paste ClipBoard Data Using Ctrl + V

One of our customers asked us how to paste copied records from Excel in Wijmo Grid using Ctrl + v key. In this blog, we'll discuss a very simple approach to do the same.

WijGrid HowTo : Apply Filter on Enter KeyPress

The Wijmo Grid widget (wijgrid) is a tabular datagrid that allows users to interactively select, edit, sort, scroll through, filter, and group data. The grid is highly customizable and can be used to better understand and visualize data more effectively.

Silverlight Chart : Creating ContextMenu for PlotElements

PlotElement is a visual presentation of data such as bar on the bar chart or slice of pie on the pie chart. This blog implementation provides a Context Menu option to customize the individual PlotElements in C1Chart for Silverlight.