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Disable Sorting on AutoGenerated Wijmo GridView Column

When C1GridView is bound to a datasource, the columns are auto generated. Disabling sorting on a particular column is difficult as there are no boundfields or templatefields specifically coded - its all AUTOgenerated.

TroubleShooting Error 1606 While Installing Old C1Studio Installers

Many times our customers have reported issues wherein they are trying to install pre-VS2008 version of ComponentOne Studio Installer but the installation fails with following error :

Wijmo Wednesday: Server Side Grid Magic

In a previous post, we discussed how to add a whole bunch of awesome features to a standard HTML table and transform it into a “grid”.  What I’d like to do today is show you how to move a lot of this functionality over to the server. By harnessing the server to do a lot of the “heavy lifting”, we can give our users a smooth experience.  What heavy lifting would need to be done?  Assume you have a data set of 1 million rows.  That’s a lot of data to send to the client, and then sort/page/filter.  If we ask the server to sort/page/filter the data before sending it to the client, we can quickly reduce the overhead of the client. I’m going to be using the example from my webcast, which you can access here. The Server For data, I’m using the Chinook database.  It’s quick and easy to set up, and gives me good data to use in my examples.  I’m using ASP.NET MVC 3 for my examples, and we’ll only be implementing sorting and filtering. public JsonResult GetAlbumList()

Setting BackGround & ForeGround of WPF FlexGrid rows with CellTemplate

Usage of a TextBlock is quite common in CellTemplates of  Columns in a C1Flexgrid for WPF.  There might a requirement of changing BackGround/ForeGround of C1FlexGrid rows on some event, say MouseHover.

Custom Sorting on C1DataGrid for Silverlight

Sorting and Filtering are very frequently used database operations while working with Grid controls. C1DataGrid for Silverlight supports both of  these  interactive operations. However, none of its operations are  performed at Grid level. Both Sorting and Filerting are done at DataSource. C1DataGrid does not have any internal logic for these operations.

ComponentOne and CodedUI: Tips and Tricks Part-I

One of the most popular features that MS came out with in Visual Studio 2010 was automated test scripts using UICoder. That it is getting popular day by day would be an understatement, and though it is yet a long way to go for it to eventually become a standard tool in the field of Automation Testing, it is by far one of the most sought after tools already.

Draggable Pointer in C1LinearGauge

C1Gauge (SL and WPF) provides pointers to display values in a range. You may want to change the value by dragging the pointer to a specified value, just like a simple slider control behaves.

Wijmo Wednesday: Measure up with Linear Gauges

Wijmo v2 is here!  Yay!   For today’s Wijmo Wednesday, let’s take a look at a new Wijmo v2 feature: Linear Gauges. Getting Started To get started, we need to create a new DIV for the gauge to live in.  <div id="gauge"></div>

[Press] ComponentOne Releases a Collection of 40+ UI Widgets Powered by HTML5 and jQuery

PITTSBURGH, PA – February 8, 2012 – ComponentOne, a leader in developer-productivity tools, has announced the 2012 release of Wijmo: a kit of UI widgets for HTML5 and jQuery development.  The centerpiece of this release is the stunning data visualization widgets, including more HTML5 chart types and new HTML5 gauges.

Testing Wijmo Gauges in jsFiddle

One of the great advantages to Wijmo is that they are widgets for the extremely popular jQuery UI. This means there is a great deal of support for their underlying library--lots of support means lots of nice things. One of those nice things is the cool jsFiddle,which is a live HTML/CSS/JavaScript snippet editor of sorts.  It's an awesome way to test small things quickly and with no overhead.  We can, in fact, do live testing of Wijmo widgets, and here we'll see how.  Because Wijmo gauges use SVG or VML based on the browser's capabilities, they are a great part of the "plugin-free web" (being promoted for mobile Safari on iOS and Metro IE in Windows 8 ) which is why we can fiddle with them like this.

Wijmo 2.0.0 Released

Wijmo matures as Version 2.0.0 has officially landed. This marks the second major release of the most complete UI kit for HTML5 & jQuery development.

Binding Non-Boolean Properties to DataGridCheckBoxColumn

Can we bind a non-boolen property to DataGridCheckBoxColumn in C1DataGrid?

More Grid Magic with Wijmo

Last week, I did a webcast on building Grids with Wijmo and ASP.NET MVC.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it, the video should be available soon.  However, this blog post is designed to tell you everything you need to know about using Wijmo Grids in your applications.

Charting with Multiple Plot Areas

Stacking plot areas within a chart can be a useful way to better analyze the data points. Rather than having many data series overlapped you can increase readability by moving some series to an adjacent plot area. This can all be achieved using the advanced capabilities of the ComponentOne Chart for XAML.

Load Web Images in C1Report

C1Report is a powerful reporting tool, which provides a large scope of customizations that we can do on the ReportDefinition, create using this control.

Adding Images to C1Tabs using jQuery

C1Tabs provides a fantastic way to show your content in Tabs and moreover can put in anything as the content of a C1TabPage.  This blog provides an easy way to add an Image in the Header of each C1TabPage (apart from the usual text) that gives them an idea of what that tab contains.  You can easily accomplish this with just as little as 4-5 lines of code using jQuery.

Styling Merged Column and Row Header cells in SL DataGrid

Silverlight has been a revolution when it comes to the flexibility of designing and changing the UI of an application. Silverlight suite from ComponentOne leverages on this advantage to provide further customization options to its users.

Binding on Style Setters with Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 has introduced a lot of new features and one of them is the ability to set binding on Style Setters. This great feature was heavily missing from the earlier Silverlight version. The functionality is pretty useful and is extensively used in WPF applications.