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Customizing WijGrid Using CellStyleFormatter

Some of our customers have posted queries where they're trying to customize the cells (backcolor, alignment, etc) but find it hard to do so. Well, wijgrid gives an easy way to do this. It's called CellStyleFormatter. You can refer to the documentation to know more about this option.

ActiveReports7: Binding To REST Web Service Data

A RESTful web service (also called a RESTful web API) is a web service implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. It is a collection of resources, with four defined aspects:

C1GridView:Delete Row Using 'Del' Key

C1GridView supports server side deletion of Rows by pressing the Delete command button. Pressing the delete command button fires the server side RowDeleting event and the particular row is deleted.

C1Chart For LightSwitch: Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart

The C1Chart LightSwitch Extension provides various  options  to customize the various charts that that can be rendered with this extension. While most customization can be done easily at design time, but for some we need to write a little bit of code to get what we want. Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart perfectly fits this scenario , so lets have a look at how we can get this done in 2 easy steps.

Avoid Orphaned ReportFooter with GroupFooter's NewPage property as "After"

Grouping is one of the most commonly used feature when it comes to designing a report. Its implementation can vary from one report to another based on the  requirements of the user. A very common scenario is starting each group from a new page. This helps in encapsulating the groups in one page or a range of pages, thus making it easier for a user to identify each group individually. The good thing here is that the GroupFooter section in ActiveReports provides a NewPage property which if set to "After", automatically starts the report from the next page, once the current group is completely rendered.

ActiveReports:Binding Section Reports to Entity Framework

Microsoft's  Entity Framework since its inception has become developer's favorite for mapping a Relational Database to a Conceptual Model. Its strength lies in the way it allows developers to modify the Conceptual Model as per their business logic and still be connected to the Relational Database. In simpler terms Microsoft Entity Framework creates a set of classes from the database schema and allows developers to work on these objects without worrying about the relational object model that works behind the scenes.

C1 RussCam #60 - FVNUG Day of .NET – Part 1

Russ Cam™ travels to Wisconsin for an awesome Day of .NET! In part one of this 2-parter, Russ catches up with Greg Levenhagen, Senior Software Engineer & Azure Architect at Skyline Technologies. Greg talks about his Kinect session at the event. Then Russ talks with the VP of FVNUG, Keith Burnell, about the exciting things going on at the event. Then, it's another MVP on Russ Cam! Damon Payne, Client App Dev Microsoft MVP, talks with Russ about his cleverly titled session, "Every JavaScript developer is now a Windows 8 developer?" Plus, Damon tells us about how he used ActiveReports! Cameo by Microsoft DE Dave Bost. This episode is brought to you by ActiveReports.

Complete Studio for LightSwitch 2012 v3 Release Notes

Studio for LightSwitch 2012 v3 is now available and below you will find a complete list of the enhancements and fixes that we have included. If you have a current Studio for LightSwitch license, you can download and install this upgrade for free. If you do not, please contact sales to discuss your options.

AngularJS Components (Preview)

Warning: This preview has breaking changes from our released version. Make sure to use our new Angular JS Integration API.

Sweet deal 50% savings on ComponentOne PowerSuite. Limited time offer!

I'm pleased to announce ComponentOne PowerSuite. This new, limited-time offering from ComponentOne gives you three award-winning products in one suite:

Getting Started with Chart Animation in XAML

Many of the enhancements to the C1Chart control in 2012 v3 were to make development easier. Animation is one of those features. You’ve always been able to apply animations to the plot elements, but now with the new animation API it got a lot easier. This blog post walks through creating load animations in XAML.

Spread.NET 6.0.3506.2006 and 6.0.2006.2008 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread.NET 6.0.4006.2008 (for .NET 4.0 MVC), 6.0.3506.2008 (for .NET 3.5), and 6.0.2006.2008 (for .NET 2.0)!

Implement CanGrow Functionality for Surrounding Shapes

Many times users come and ask for the CanGrow property of the Shape control in ActiveReports. Basically, this requirement arises for a shape, which surrounds Textboxes  and requires to grow whenever the Textboxes inside it grows.  As of now, ActiveReports 7.0 does not have any property to support this implementation.