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Change RecordSource of Wijmo ReportViewer

Wijmo ReportViewer is used to display reports. Many of our customers have asked us how to change the RecordSource of the reports. In such a case, we need to modify the SQL query of the report and then, display the report.

C1DataGrid Cell Animation Part 2

We saw how we can animate cells to show value changes in the WPF version of C1DataGrid here.

Using SharePoint Calendars with ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch has a great feature nobody talks about: the ability to use SharePoint as a data source. Data is created and stored in SharePoint all the time and that data is often useful in business applications. Imagine a project management or time management application, for example. Chances are that there is a SharePoint calendar somewhere that has useful data for that application.

Wijmo Wednesday: Sneak peek at the v2 Event Calendar

In this week’s Wijmo Wednesday, I’d like to introduce you to the new Event Calendar.

Studio for Silverlight 5 First Public Release

Today Microsoft finally unveiled Silverlight 5! We have been hard at work the past several weeks building our controls and samples to multi-target both Silverlight 4 and 5. That means you will be able to use Studio for Silverlight in both versions of the platform. We have a new separate set of libraries specifically for Silverlight 5 which you can download from prerelease below. We do plan to continue our support of Silverlight 4, new enhancements and all, for at least the next year.

Working with the new TimeLine Scheduler View

The ComponentOne Scheduler controls now support a Time Line view for displaying appointments in a horizontal layout. This view is much like the “Schedule” view in Microsoft Outlook 2010, and yet we even offer it with the Office 2003 and 2007 visual styles.

Data Visualization in HTML5

Thanks to all who came to my talk "Data Visualization in HTML5 with jQuery & Wijmo" at Silicon Valley Code Camp.

Putting the V in MVC

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a session at Desert Code Camp. The session I gave was called "Putting the V  in MVC". Here is the abstract taken from the schedule:

First Look at C1OutlookBar

One of our new controls in the 2011 v3 release is the C1OutlookBar in Studio for Silverlight and WPF. This control also goes by the name of C1NavBar in our Studio for WinForms. We found that "OutlookBar" was a more accurate and community-accepted name so we decided to go with this one in the XAML platforms. With C1OutlookBar, you can exactly replicate the navigation pane in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. See a live demo.

Customize the C1DateTimePicker Calendar

There are endless customisations possible with a WPF/Silverlight Calendar control.

Changing Connection Strings in LightSwitch

After one of my recent LightSwitch talks, I was asked if there is a way to change the connection string in the LightSwitch designer.  This led to a discussion between myself, Michael Washington and Beth Massi.  Unfortunately, in the designer, there is not currently a good way to update the connection string.  You will have to add a new data source, remove the old one, and redesign all your screens.  Since servers can change names, or databases be relocated, this isn't an ideal situation in the long term.  I posted a request on User Voice to enable easy changing of the connection string in the designer (vote at http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/127959-visual-studio-lightswitch/suggestions/2404471-ability-to-change-connection-string-in-designer).

GANG Nov 2011 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended!  It was a great night--a packed room, and Glenn Block brain dumped a ton of great information about WebAPI and node.js on us.

Few customizations in C1WijMenu

C1Wijmo Controls are fully customizable and their look and feel can be changed according to your own requirement.

LightSwitch Onramp Recap

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch! Sorry for the NVidia burp in the middle of my OLAP for LightSwitch demo. If you'd like a live demo or some additional details about ComponentOne's LightSwitch tools, click on over to http://www.componentone.com/LightSwitch/.

DataGrid Filtering in Depth: Silverlight and WPF

The ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight and WPF provides advanced data visualization with a lot of bells and whistles when compared to the standard DataGrid control. One of those whistles is easy data filtering. The control has evolved over the past few years and so has its filtering features. The C1DataGrid supports several different filtering techniques and each is easy to implement and advanced in functionality.

Desert Code Camp 2011 Recap

Kudos to Joe Guadagno and all the volunteers for putting on a great event, and thanks to all the attendees who gave up a Saturday--you're the reason this all happens!  The best part of my job is getting into the community and meeting and learning from all sorts of cool people.  Not to disparage the hospitality shown to us, but no one mentioned we needed to pack our winter coats this weekend...