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Binding Wijmo Combobox with WebService in jQuery

Wijmo Combobox can be data bound at server side like other controls. However, Wijmo Combobox is a jQuery based control; so ideally we should databind it at client side in order to make best use of this control. In this blog, we will see how we can do it with the help of the WebService and AJAX call.

Binding TimeSpan Property in DataGrid (WPF & SL)

If you have a TimeSpan property exposed on your class and if you bind C1DataGrid to the collection of that class objects, the auto-generated TimeSpan column won't be editable. Using a DataGridDateTimeColumn will not fix the issue because the type of objects that DataGridDateTimeColumn expects(DateTime)  is a bit different from TimeSpan.

Excel Like Filtering in Silverlight FlexGrid

You can easily filter columns in C1FlexGrid for Silverlight by using the C1FlexGridFilterService. This blog explains how you can implement Excel-like filtering in C1FlexGrid i.e show only those values in the Filter which are currently visible.

SL Flexgrid : Modified Clipboard Operations for Hidden Columns

C1Flexgrid for Silverlight provides clipboard support and handles copy/paste operations on its own. However, if a CellRange is selected that includes hidden row/column, then the data from that hidden row/column gets copied and, consequently, pasted to the grid itself or in the external editors.

Selecting Interval with ContextMenu in Silverlight Scheduler

This is a simple blog on how you can show a custom ContextMenu in C1Scheduler and also select the interval that gets right clicked.

FullTextSearch In C1DataGrid Bound To DataTable

C1DataGrid provides a very useful feature - FullTextSearch, which allows user to search all the columns at the same time. This functionality can be enabled by setting the attached 'FullTextSearchBehavior' property. Now this feature works fine when binding to a native collection because the functionality creates a custom collection view on the bound collection for enabling custom filters.

Wijmo Gridview : Restoring Group States at Client Side

In my previous blog, I discussed how you can save the open group states when you have enabled server-side editing, as group states are lost when postback occurs. But, sometimes, you may have a situation where you need to refresh or redraw the grid at client side. At that time, you would face the same issue i.e. state of the opened groups are not retained.

Skipping ReadOnly Columns When Editing C1FlexGrid

In C1FlexGrid for Silverlight, you can easily edit data in cells and commit the changes by pressing enter or Tab key to move to the next cell. However, there are scenarios when you don't want your users to be able to edit some specific columns (for eg. Id). When you edit a cell and press enter to commit the changes, the focus moves to the next cell irrespective of the fact that the next cell is read only or not.

Insert Text at Cursor Postion in Wijmo Editor

Wijmo Editor has many options available for inserting various elements in its editor such as table, image, links etc. but there is no direct method to insert text at current cursor position. However,  Wijmo Editor is jQuery based control,  so we can achieve this by using its client side object model.

C1Olap for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here are few coding snippets for our customers regarding C1Olap for LightSwitch.

ComponentOne Studio Installation on VS2010 Express

Many customers face problems while running our ComponentOne Studio installers on VS2010 Express. When the installer is launched, a message is shown that you need to Install Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 framework.

C1GridView : Saving Open GroupState on Server side Editing

When a group is expanded and any row is edited by clicking the Edit button in Wijmo Gridview with server side editing, the group gets collapsed. This is because in server side editing, clicking the Edit button causes a postback and the C1GridView renders in original state i.e. all groups are in collapsed state. And, the user will have to re-open that group again in order to make any change in that row.

Wijmo TreeView With SQLDataSource

C1TreeView for Wijmo can be bound to XML Data Source and a SiteMap Data Source easily. You can refer to this link which demonstrates this.

Run qUnit scripts from CodedUI Tests

With jQuery making its mark prominent in the recent times and unit tests based on it coming in demand day by day, it was only a matter of time that a requirement like this would crop up.

Using ValueLabels in Wijmo Charts

The annotation along each axis is an important part of any chart. Wijmo Chart annotates the axes with numbers/datetime values based on Series data. You may format the values using AnnoFormatString property but sometimes we have a requirement to display strings along an axis instead of numeric values (for example, you may be charting product prices and want to display the product names along the X-axis).

Wijmo v2++ Video

If you missed the Wijmo v2++ Webcast yesterday, don't worry we have published the recording.

Running Application from CodedUI scripts!!

Whether CodedUI scripting is mentioned across everyone’s post, from the word of mouth, or any other source, it is at best known to be a means of testing what is already built. In case it is a web application, we need a running instance of the same on the desktop, and we need it to be hosted and accessible from some server.