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What's New: C1Popup for Windows Phone

New in 2012 v2, the C1Popup control is an advanced version of the primitive Popup class with added features such as animation and back button support. Popups are convenient because they eliminate the need of having to create a separate page to display or gather additional information from the user. C1Popup behaves like a separate page because users can instinctively escape the popup by pressing the hard back button.

Display RSS/Atom Feeds using C1RichTextBox

In this post I show you one of the neat usages of the C1RichTextBox control for the Windows Phone platform. C1RichTextBox is essentially an HTML editor; it displays and allows editing HTML content. Many social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, supply RSS/Atom feeds that contain blocks of HTML content. So you can use C1RichTextBox as a quick and simple way to display this rich content - complete with clickable hyperlinks and images.

ComponentOne Studio Installation on VS2010 Express

Many customers face problems while running our ComponentOne Studio installers on VS2010 Express. When the installer is launched, a message is shown that you need to Install Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 framework.

WP7 App Showcase: World Indicators

In this app showcase Windows Phone developer Dan Ardelean talks about his app, World Indicators. He built this app to leverage the free World Bank data made available through the azure data market. The app uses azure data services as well as controls from ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone.

Configuring the WP7 Clipboard with C1RichTextBox

On the Windows Phone you get automatic copy and paste support for standard TextBoxes. For other controls you wish to enable copy/paste functionality you typically have to use a TextBox in disguise. To put text to the clipboard you simply call the static SetText method on the System.Windows.Clipboard class like this:

ComponentOne is coming to COWPUG!

Next week I'll be stopping by the COWPUG (Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group) to talk about Studio for Windows Phone. If you live near Columbus Ohio and like Windows Phone you need to stop by! I can assure you there will be plenty of cool swag and prizes.

Let's Build Something Mobile, Round 2!

Back in January, ComponentOne and Microsoft partnered on a series of hands-on webcasts for building Windows Phone applications.  You can see my recap and materials at http://our.componentone.com/2012/01/23/lets-build-something-mobile-session-1-recap/.

The ComponentOne Roadmap to 2012

Throughout 2012 Microsoft will be making stepwise releases of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 starting with a public Consumer Preview released on February 29th. With Microsoft’s new platform, application developers will have more options and more capabilities than ever before.  But professional developers won’t be the only ones to benefit from these new tools. Microsoft has really extended its reach to include non-professional application developers with Visual Studio LightSwitch, to commercial App developers with a new Metro UI Shell and App Marketplace - and to non-traditional “Microsoft” developers with first-class citizen-support for jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

WP7 App Showcase: ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards scans business cards to your Windows Phone and adds contacts to your address book. Additionally it offers 22 premium features not included in any other business card scanner. It is the only scanning app with real-time backup to the Cloud and web-based access to your cards from any browser. The ScanBizCards app also uses the C1CoverFlow control from Studio for Windows Phone as one of the card view features.

What's New in XAML 2012 v1

I am pleased to announce the ComponentOne 2012 v1 release is here. XAML is a large focus this release from new controls and themes to our partnership with Esri bringing you world class mapping tools. Let me run-down many of the key new features in Studio for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Check out the new Calendar for Windows Phone

In the new release of ComponentOne’s Studio for Windows Phone, we’re offering a new control: Calandar.

ComponentOne Windows Phone App Showcase

If you've published a Windows Phone app using ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone, let us showcase it for you on our web site. We will promote your app with a blog post and feature it on our web site in a new and upcoming app showcase page.

Recap: NYC Windows Phone User Group Feb 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out and for all the good questions--we had a great learning session.  Remember, no one can tell my daughter I was in New York City, especially because when we're coming back was literally the first thing she asked me after I got home.  Here are the promised downloads from the meeting.  Remember, I'm showing here two .NET specific ways to query the DataMarket.  All of the datasets can be queried via OData's REST-ful interface, too, but that's a different talk.

Let’s Build Something Mobile Session 2: Give Your App Some Pop!

Thanks to everyone who attended part 1 and part 2 of the No Developer Left Behind TechCast series and thanks to Microsoft for running the event! You can find resources from the first session here: Fast Track Your First App. If you missed part 2, then you can watch the recording here: http://bit.ly/MSC1Jan26Recording11am

Let's Build Something Mobile! Session 1 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Below you can download the session materials:

Online Workshops: Let's Build Something Mobile!

Microsoft & ComponentOne Present "No Developer Left Behind: A Hands-On-Workshops for Windows Phone"

Flexible Queries Against Azure DataMarket in Windows Phone 7

The Azure DataMarket is a stellar resource for application data.  At the current moment, it features over 100 datasets (from baseball to census to mortgage) in OData format, much of which is free, and the recently announced Self-Service Publishing Wizard should help to manifest even more hidden data into a common format.  Mobile devices, being disconnected from pretty much everything, are ideal consumers of cloud-based data.  In this post, we'll look at one way of querying data from the Azure DataMarket in a Windows Phone 7 application.

Recap: Pittsburgh Represents at Windows Phone Camp

Yesterday was the second to last stop for the East Region's Windows Phone Camp tour, right here in Pittsburgh.  I went as incognito as I possibly could, I haven't had much chance to check out the Mango features since it shipped.  Dani and Lindsay did a great job reviewing what was new and how to use the features; I look forward to the code downloads.

XAML Cubed: Developing for the Browser, Desktop & Phone

Despite some compatibility issues, it is possible to share code across all 3 platforms in the XAML realm: WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. This talk covers 10 tips for multi-targeting which will help prepare you for Windows 8 and WinRT opportunities. I debuted this talk at ComponentOne's Tech Connection Live! Twin Cities.

Data Access on the Windows Phone

Today at lunch I gave an online presentation that talked about data access techniques on the Windows Phone 7. Data, whether in the cloud, on your company’s server, or locally on the phone, will be a key ingredient in your Windows Phone application. In this session I went over the many ways you can access data including Web services and isolated storage/local database. I also demonstrated some of the unique input sources to the phone: sensors and GPS.