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C1Excel - Load Overloads !

I know the title seems a bit simple, and sounds more like a forum post at the wrong place, but sometimes the easiest assumptions may not be the best for us, same as the easiest implementation can be tricky for your code. It may happen that for unseen reasons, the environment where your application runs, changes and not every time can this be under your control. You cannot control where anyone is going to run the application you built, you can only suggest.

Improving perfection, Filtering in FlexGrid!

Ease of use, it's quite often that we come across this phrase in today's times. What is ease of use actually? I think it is doing the things in a manner we are most used to.

C1Excel - FileFormat 101

While we are aiming to providing the most complex of solutions, we sometimes get stuck on the most basic of the steps. It happens to all of us, I would say that is part of being a developer, and if you are not getting stuck at the basics, its no fun at all. :)

What's New for WinForms 2014v1?

"New" is a relative term. For someone who has no prior experience of blazing fast performance, stable code, ease of use and reliability etc., the complete Studio For WinForms, is a new experience. For the rest of us, who have benefited with ComponentOne Studios, "New" means out of the box, "New"  means taking something good and making it better.

What's new on the Menu? Radial

Hello everyone!!! I am here to throw some more insight into the new RadialMenu control for Studio For WinForms. Based the One-Notes radial menu, it is the ComponentOne version which provides you with ease of programming and also in combination with Themes ( refer to my earlier posts, or visit here), you get to enhance the UI of your application as well as provide a whole new way for in app navigation.

4 ways to use ActiveAnalysis for next-level decision making

ActiveAnalysis has the potential to be a game-changing force in a company's business intelligence efforts, combining multifaceted development tools with an experience that focuses on the challenges of today's business user.

C1FlexGrid : Cell Navigation via Arrow Keys

Many a times we have requirement of navigating in grid cells via Keyboard Arrow Keys.

Overcoming hurdles to WinForms datagrids success

WinForms datagrids help facilitate experimentation through their many adaptive features.

Custom List Styles in C1Editor

The C1Editor control is a rich text editor that can be bound to an XHTML document. C1Editor uses XHTML as its basic format (instead of RTF or proprietary formats) which is why it is very easy to customize. The Editor control supports bulleted and numbered lists and also customize its functionality to an even greater extent using our own code.

WinForms spreadsheets and designing for data

One of the most valuable uses of WinForms spreadsheets is developing programs that work with the data at hand.

Custom Scrolling in C1TileControl

The Tiles in C1TileControl are scrollable by default. When the user presses “Home/End” key in TileControl's tiles, it navigate through first/last tile directly. However, the flexible architecture of the control makes it easy to customize this scrolling to a great extent.

WinForms report designers: Succeed the first time out

As software development takes on a larger and more pivotal role in the enterprise, there is a lot riding on each deployment.

Achieving success with WinForms datagrids

WinForms datagrids are critical to developing varied and sophisticated data insights.

Creating Cascading Dropdownlists in C1TrueDBGrid

Cascading dropdown lists can be a generic requirement when it comes to grids. Cascading dropdown means that the contents of one of the dropdown is dependent on the selection made in the other dropdown. MS Excel implements these cascading dropdowns with the help of validation rules.

Displaying Summarized Data in C1PrintDocument

Calculating summary of records in a table is very important from the point of view of data representation. This blog is all about summarizing data in a RenderTable of C1PrintDocument.

Dynamic C1PrintDocument Generation Based on Page Size

Generally, when the records are rendered on a C1PrintDocument, they adjust according to the page size and if there is not much space available, the content is split across pages.

Tracking Data in C1Chart

Charts are mainly used for visualizing the data so that it helps the end users for analyzing data in a better way. We generally use ChartLabels, ToolTips, ValueLabels etc. to make the Chart as user friendly as possible. Another way of making the chart more readable, is to add a tracker which can move with the mouse cursor showing details of the corresponding datapoint.

Selection of Multiple Rows using Mouse and Ctrl\Shift Keys in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid supports multiple selections of rows through record selector by setting MultiSelect property to MultiSelectEnum.Simple|MultiSelectEnum.Extended. Some customers want this functionality to be implemented by clicking on the row rather than using the record selector.

Handling Function Keys in Spread

When F2 and F3 keys are being captured by the SpreadView for processing, they do not get sent to the KeyEvents for the Spread. This happens because Keystrokes processed by the Spread control are divided into one of two groups.

DataBinding in C1TileControl

After the release of Tiled-Windows8, the new tile-based user interface (UI) is the most 'in-thing' these days. Who would not prefer to provide quick navigation and better UI to their application.