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Tracking Data in C1Chart

Charts are mainly used for visualizing the data so that it helps the end users for analyzing data in a better way. We generally use ChartLabels, ToolTips, ValueLabels etc. to make the Chart as user friendly as possible. Another way of making the chart more readable, is to add a tracker which can move with the mouse cursor showing details of the corresponding datapoint.

Selection of Multiple Rows using Mouse and Ctrl\Shift Keys in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid supports multiple selections of rows through record selector by setting MultiSelect property to MultiSelectEnum.Simple|MultiSelectEnum.Extended. Some customers want this functionality to be implemented by clicking on the row rather than using the record selector.

Handling Function Keys in Spread

When F2 and F3 keys are being captured by the SpreadView for processing, they do not get sent to the KeyEvents for the Spread. This happens because Keystrokes processed by the Spread control are divided into one of two groups.

DataBinding in C1TileControl

After the release of Tiled-Windows8, the new tile-based user interface (UI) is the most 'in-thing' these days. Who would not prefer to provide quick navigation and better UI to their application.

Tips & Tricks in C1PrintDocument

C1PrintDocument component allows you to create complex documents that can be printed, previewed or exported to a number of external formats. In this blog, I would like to discuss a couple of frequently asked questions for C1PrintDocument, that is :

Feeling colorful? Try out the new ComponentOne Themes for WinForms

Building a good application is so much like building a monument. Of course you  can always build in any which way you like, but those monuments which stand the test of time are, more often than not, built with a lot of effort and hard work. They need a solid foundation, good design, and above all, a very basic need for them to be magnificent, their looks.

New CellType for Spread for WinForms – II

In the last blog we discussed about one of the new celltypes introduced in Spread for WinForms.

Add & Animate Images in ChartLabels for C1Chart

In this blog, we will discuss on how one can show and animate Images on Top of each Bar in C1Chart for WinForms.

Cascading ComboBoxes in C1FlexGrid

C1FlexGrid has been the most popular tool for representing/editing data for a long time. There are scenarios where a ComboBox is required in C1FlexGrid for editing for eg. when we need to enter a Country in a cell. It can be implemented using one of the following approaches :

New CellType for Spread for WinForms - I

Spread 7 for WinForms has introduced two new CellTypes to provide more convenience to it's users

HowTo: Create a Bullet List in a Spread Cell

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of typing in a bullet list in the Spread cell. This is similar to one of the MS Excel functionality that allows you to type in a bullet list in the Excel worksheet cell.

A New Generation of WinForms Touch Apps


C1PrintDocument : StartDoc-EndDoc Vs Generate

Many times, when the users want to insert a new page in C1PrintDocument, they get confused whether to use StartDoc-EndDoc methods or use Generate method or use both.

Recently a customer enquired about an implementation in Spread for Winforms control wherein he wanted to set custom formula for Column Footer Aggregation.

HowTo : Set Number Range in C1Input Controls

C1TextBox is the main data bound control used for entering and editing information in a text form. It not only supports data formatting for all data types, including special features for date-time formats but also supports edit mask, data validation and other features.

Vertical Page Header in C1Reports

C1Report is a banded report in which each Section is rendered horizontally (from left to right) one below the other. One of the most important section of the report is PageHeader that is rendered on each page of the report and run along the top of each page, horizontally.

How to: AutoSize Spread for WinForms

The AutoSize feature of Spread COM removes the blank area around the grid cells such that Spread always takes the size of Rows and Column count. Unfortunately, this feature is not available  as a built-in feature with Spread for WinForms.

HowTo: Custom Sparkline in Spread for WinForms

Spread for Winforms provides a feature of creating sparklines wherein we can create a small graph in a cell that uses data from a range of cells. The data for the sparkline is limited to one column or row of values within the same SpreadSheet. We can set the SparklineType to column, line, or winloss etc.