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ComponentOne Chart3D : Tips and Tricks

In this post we are going to provide some useful tips for ComponentOne Chart3D for WPF which are not available out of box.

HowTo: Copy & Paste Multiline text within C1FlexGrid

Here in this blog, let's discuss how to copy and paste  multiline text within C1FlexGrid. In order to enable copying text with new line character and pasting it as it is in another cell you would need to handle the clipboard functionality manually.

Taking data visualization and mining efforts to the next level

Data visualization and mining add an incredibly valuable dimension to enterprise information analysis and reporting activity.

Chart Grouping and Aggregation

The C1Chart control supports built-in grouping and aggregation. This allows you to display summarized data in a chart without the extra work of grouping the data yourself. In this blog post I’ll show you two ways you can take advantage of the built-in grouping and aggregation features found in ComponentOne Chart for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT XAML.

What's New in XAML 2014 v1

This first release of 2014 adds powerful new features to Chart, FlexGrid, Calendar, RadialMenu, and Maps, and we've added accessibility features across the whole studio. Let me take you through each major new item.

C1RichTextBox : Header/Footer on Every Page

It is common to add headers and footers in your documents and continuing them on every page makes up for its efficient usage too.

Display the Printing status for WPF C1Reports

In this blog, I am providing a small utility code to capture whether the Printing has been completed or Cancelled while printing a WPF C1Report.

Summary Row in C1FlexGrid

When using a Grid control, many of us have a requirement of displaying some kind of information on the Footer Rows or the Summary Rows of the grid.

How To: Implement Advanced Custom Annotations

Charts are commonly used GUI controls for reporting and analysis, developer often look to provide various customization options.

How to Change the Color Palette

The ComponentOne Chart control for XAML includes 22 pre-defined color palettes. These palettes are the color scheme used for styling the plot elements. To choose one you just set the Palette property on the C1Chart control. Here's a graphic showing the 22 palettes by name.

JavaScript supplants Java as top programming language

Spurred by wide utilization for reporting tools and app development, JavaScript surpassed Java in the latest RedMonk programming language rankings.

Conditional X Axis Label Customization

Customizing the Axis Labels for C1Chart for WPF has been made easy with the AnnoTemplate feature. You can even customize the appearance as per your requirement based on some condition.

Using CheckBox in ComponentOne TreeView Control

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes a very useful control, C1TreeView, which can be used to create a hierarchical structure for data in nodes format.

Getting the most out of WPF Excel spreadsheets

WPF Excel combines the development of sophisticated data modification and analysis tools with the familiarity of Excel.

Getting the most out of WPF Excel spreadsheets

WPF Excel combines the development of sophisticated data modification and analysis tools with the familiarity of Excel.

Sorting and Grouping C1FlexGrid through XAML

Considering the popularity of MVVM pattern with WPF and Silverlight, developers are always looking to implement every possible feature in XAML.

Charts for Spread Silverlight

Charts have always been an important component which gives the flexibility to analyze and visualize data. On great demand of Spread customers, we have introduced Charts in Spread for Silverlight and WPF.

Map Visualizations…without Maps!

Did you know that you can create a flashy data visualization on a map without needing a real mapping control?

Add Images to Charts in Your Silverlight & WPF Apps

Adding images to charts in a Business application makes it more interesting. Lets discuss how to add images or pictures to convey business information more effortlessly.

Getting results with WPF Excel

WPF Excel enables flexibility when working with data and spreadsheets - a must for organizations with end users that are accustomed to using the Microsoft application.