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Wijmo 2017 v1 Has Landed!

Wijmo's first major release of 2017 has landed, and it's full of exciting new controls and developments— a new JavaScript TreeView control, a new multi-autocomplete that you have to see to believe, a mobile JavaScript report viewer, and OLAP server support!

Last Chance to Save on JavaScript, .NET, and Native Mobile controls

Our month-long Ultimate promo ends midnight January 1, so this week is your last chance to take advantage of the offer. You'll get $500 off ComponentOne Ultimate, a bundle that includes Wijmo Enterprise's JavaScript controls, ComponentOne Studio's .NET controls in eight platforms, and Xuni's native mobile Xamarin controls. All for $1495.

Microsoft Dynamics Adds Mobile Controls Powered by Wijmo 5

Our company has a long history of working with Microsoft. We've been writing UI Controls for Microsoft platforms since the early days of VB; in the 1990s, our famous FlexGrid control shipped in the box with Visual Studio. Most recently, we've been working with Microsoft to integrate Wijmo into Microsoft Dynamics. They'd planned to expand mobile support in their 2016 release, and one of the key features was new mobile UI controls. Microsoft chose Wijmo 5 for mobile input and gauges.

Mobile App Development: How to Decide on Hybrid vs. Native

Earlier this week I partnered with Kelley Ricker (my colleague at GrapeCity and the developer relations expert for Xuni native mobile controls) to conduct a webinar on the advantages and shortfalls of hybrid and native mobile app. He also posted this blog over at GoXuni.com, and I thought the Wijmo crowd would be interested, as well.

Working with FinancialChart: Simple Candlesticks, Legends, Markers, Trend Lines, and Annotations

In the previous blog we introduced the FinancialChart control. We outlined some of the important features and provided instructions on how to get the necessary files; introduced how to use the base class; outlined what each of the chart types do and what they accomplished; and looked at the different chart types. In this blog, let's work with a simple candlestick chart and add some additional functionality to it—customize some properties, add analytics, and provide some styling.

Financial Charts Explained: CandleVolume and Arms CandleVolume

Here's the final post in our Financials Charts Explained series, all of which will be available in Wijmo FinancialChart (due for release July 16). So far we've covered:

Financial Charts Explained: EquiVolume and Column Volume Charts

Here's part two in our Financials Charts Explained series, all of which will be available in Wijmo FinancialChart (due for release July 16). Our previous blog covered Heikin-Ashi and Renko; in this one we'll be covering EquiVolume and Column Volume Charts.

Financial Charts, Explained: Heikin-Ashi and Renko

In a few weeks we'll be releasing one of our most exciting controls yet—Wijmo FinancialChart, an all-in-one control designed to provide every major financial chart available in a single customizable collection, a benefit unavailable in other controls on the market. While it's as lightweight as any Wijmo control, it's also virtually an application in itself. You're going to love its flexibility and power.

All New Studio for LightSwitch HTML- Powered by Wijmo

New with the ComponentOne 2013v2 to release is Studio for LightSwitch HTML!

Using Knockout with the WijCarousel

Recently added with the release 2013v1 of Wijmo was an addition to the Knockout library enabling two way bindable functionality for the Data of the WijCarousel. This is perfect for those who want to manage the content of their carousel on the fly.

Wijmoscilloscope: The Power of Knockout

Wijmo is a fantastic tool to make your data visible.  Along with its partner Knockout, you can tie all of your information easily and elegantly.

Using Wijmo with WebSockets

There are a couple of crazy guys in Sweden doing some very cool stuff with Wijmo. Meet Uffe Björklund and Magnus Thor, the master minds behind a new WebSockets library called XSockets. They are really passionate about building real-time web applications and have turned their passion into tools and samples for the community. Their WebSockets library is for .NET applications and has HTML5 shims for browsers that do not yet support WebSockets. These guys are doing things in Web development that is what the future of the Web will be: real-time. Not to mention the insanely cool stuff they are doing with the Kinect.

Wijmo Charts in Windows 8

Yesterday was the big Windows 8 announcement we have all been waiting for. The team and I are here at the Build conference to see it first hand. Last night they gave us tablets pre-loaded with Windows 8 Developer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Preview.