Thanks to everyone who attended, and congrats to the organizers for a great event!  It was nice to see a lot of friends again.  Here are some resources and additional links for my talk.  If you don't mind, please take a few minutes and give us speakers some feedback, at  We are always thankful for feedback--good or bad--so we can continue to improve our talks.

You can download my slides here: Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML 5 and JavaScript.  The code is bound to a service running on my local machine, as soon as I get that updated to a cloud service I'll post the sample here.  Follow me on Twitter or watch this blog to see when that happens.  I plan to have that done in time for CodeMash

Additional Resources

The Windows 8 First Apps contest is on!  Find out more at  Channel 9 has a video Previewing the Windows Store--the gold rush is about to start!

Start at the Metro Style App Development learning center; this is your gateway to all things Metro and Windows 8.

Magenic has a great White Paper: Assessing the Windows 8 Development Platform.  I highly recommend reading this--it's short and very informative.

The MSDN docs for WinJS are found at Windows Library for JavaScript Reference; you'll also need the Windows Runtime reference and HTML/CSS for Metro style apps.

For debugging, read Adam Kinney's post No Alert in WinJS! Use console or MessageDialog instead.

Design, specifically adherence to the Metro design philosophy, will be crucial in having your app in the Windows Store.  Watch Jensen Harris' presentation from Build, 8 traits of great Metro style apps, and check out BlendInsider's link list to UX guidelines for Metro style app development.

If you need to see some code, you can download and review the Metro style app samples.  Remember to check out Wijmo jQuery UI Widgets--they work great in Metro apps.  Let us know what you build!