Dear Loyal FarPoint Customer,

As many of you may know, FarPoint has been in business since 1991, making us the oldest component business in the US. We would like to thank each and every one of you who have been with us for all or part of those 18 years. We have always strived to deliver the best products possible, put our customers first and make it a positive experience for everyone involved.

October 1st , 2009 is the start of an exciting new era for FarPoint. FarPoint has been acquired by GrapeCity, the largest component vendor in the world. What does this mean to you, a FarPoint customer? Everything. GrapeCity has been reselling FarPoint Spread in Japan since 1994. Spread has been the #1 selling component in Japan every year since it was introduced. GrapeCity has the incentive and the resources to take Spread to a new level and do it on an International stage. With over 800 employees worldwide, the Spread team now has access to invaluable resources we could only dream about in the past. You will see new releases, new platforms and integration with other products owned by GrapeCity, including their ActiveReports reporting components.

You can rest assure that we will continue our award winning support and documentation. Our goal is to make it even better. GrapeCity chose to keep each and every FarPoint employee, so the familiar faces you know will still be there.

FarPoint had a lot of goals that had not yet been met in the component marketplace. As we internally discussed how to better serve our customers and meet our goals, we felt that we needed to be bigger. That led us to pursuing a closer relationship with GrapeCity. This acquisition truly is a win-win for everyone involved, especially you the customer.

It is an exciting time to be a Spread user. Again, thank you for your support of FarPoint over the past 18 years, and as we take this next step forward, we plan to far exceed your expectations in the future. As always, we encourage your feedback.

Rick Williamson

CEO, FarPoint Technologies