While nearly all of the other component vendors have fully abandoned their COM product line we are happy to announce that the beta for the latest COM version of Spread is now ready for download.



New Features

- New Formula Functions

- Ability to create a custom cell

- A 64-bit DLL control

- Shape and color settings for cell notes

- New OCX methods for saving and loading to/from a buffer

- New event for circular references


- Enhanced appearance

- Enhanced appearance for headers and sheet corners

- Enhanced appearance for scroll bars

- Enhanced appearance for sheet tabs

- Enhanced selection highlighting

- Additional export options when exporting to HTML

- Users can apply a secondary sort using control-click

We’re still looking for beta testers to run this through their existing projects and verify that with all the changes we’ve implemented, we didn’t break anything. If you would like to be part of the testing, please send an email to beta@fpoint.com.

- Donald