You can depend on FarPoint to keep up with latest improvements to the the Microsoft .NET Framework in their products, such as Spread for Windows Forms. In the .NET Framework 3.5, Microsoft added LINQ (Language Integrated Query, pronounced "link") to allow developers to perform data queries in their .NET language. Developers use a set of query operators that can query a range of data sources where the data is encapsulated as objects. Spread for Windows Forms supports LINQ data sources and can operate in applications that make use of LINQ extensions. You can use LINQ in application development to do queries, use the built-in type checking and IntelliSense it affords, and with Spread for Windows Forms, bind to results retrieved from a LINQ query. As for Spread for ASP.NET, the .NET framework provides a LinqDataSource control. And, it can be set as the DataSource for Spread for ASP.NET.

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