For those who are curious to see the latest features in the next release of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms (version 3.0), the beta is available! Simply contact us and request a download. We will send you the download link in a confirmation email. If you are programming in .NET, then this is the spreadsheet component you need.

Like the FarPoint Spread for Web Forms 3.0 beta released last week, this Windows Forms version includes grouping (as in Outlook-style grouping) and, for those using formulas, the GoalSeek capability. And it also will includes these features that you've been asking for:

  • undo and redo actions
  • adding child controls to a sheet
  • annotations (free-hand drawing)
  • locating the cursor using HitTest (for accessibility)
  • new multiple-column combo box cell
  • new list box cell

As always, we want your feedback on these new features. For discussion on our Tech Support forum of these features in particular and the beta in general, see
Let us know what you think! Please send an email to if you would like to sign up for the beta program. Thanks!

- Donald