Most people don't realize that the FarPoint Spread Formula Editor dialog is a public class and can be called from code. (You can see this dialog in the Spread Designer for Windows Forms by clicking on the check mark button on the Formula Toolbar.)

A customer posted a question on the forums about this dialog and in response I posted some code on how to do this. The customer also had a desire to extend this dialog by adding custom functions to it. That capability was not currently available. However, due to the ease of implementing this feature, we have added the ability to add custom functions to the Formula Editor dialog. This new feature will be available in the next maintenance release of Spread for Windows Forms version 2.5 (I think it will be released during the week of July 11th) The Spread Designer will also automatically pick up this feature and support custom functions that implement ISerializeSupport. The Formula Editor will be documented later (in the follow on maintenances), since we are close to posting the maintenance and did not want to delay it.

The forum thread can be followed at this location:

We are planning on trying to provide more tips on usage and how best to leverage the customers' investment in FarPoint Spread. Providing new features in maintenances may be one of those value adds. Increasing the number of samples and tutorials is another. We hope to increase our number of video tutorials and how-to guides on the website also. We know FarPoint Spread is a very powerful product and is also somewhat complex. So, more code samples and tutorials are a good thing.

Please reply if there are any suggestions on how we can provide more value to your FarPoint Spread purchase. You may have valuable ideas that we haven't considered.

- Chris F.