Online Recording Thanks to everyone who attended my MSDN Webcast, “Microsoft ASP.NET Authentication in Microsoft Silverlight Applications” on Feb 24. Here is the link to the recording: This link does not require registration, you can just start watching. Q & A Follow-up

You mentioned quickly that it is possible to use the profile to store extra user information in different columns in case we want to perform metrics on them. Do you have any tutorial or sample code that demonstrates how to save extra data to the profile but using different rows/columns in the database? Yes, what you need are the Table Profile Providers, originally released at I didn’t have enough time in the webinar to cover setting these up, but I’ll try and provide a sample of doing so. My team used these providers in a line-of-business application. They took a little setup, but they worked great. Recently, several MVPs updated these providers and released both C# and VB.NET versions at I have a blog post showing how to integrate the SQL Table Profile Provider into our application at

I’ll continue to post follow-up questions and samples from the session here. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave comments here or contact me directly.