Checkout this full page ad coming out in this month’s MSDN Magazine. Also, see the new info on our new release below… Spread .NET 6.0 is here!

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GrapeCity Announces Spread.NET 6 - Combining the Best Spreadsheet Controls for the .NET Framework

New product version combines Spread Windows Forms and Spread ASP.NET together in one product toolkit along with new visualization features.

GrapeCity PowerTools announces the availability of Spread.NET 6. Whether you are developing rich Windows or Web applications, Spread.NET provides the ability to embed deep functionality? Found in Microsoft® Excel® into.NET and ASP.NET applications, without requiring Microsoft Excel.

Spread.NET is the combination of our previous Spread Windows Forms and Spread ASP.NET products now provided as a single, multi-platform toolkit. Combining the products allows our customers to enjoy the freedom to develop applications for both Windows and Web applications while requiring only one royalty-free license, making it consistent with our award-winning reporting tool, ActiveReports.

This new version advances the Spread product line by adding new Excel features, client support for new browsers, and by refining the controls to improve the user experience for both developers and end-users.

Enhancements to Spread.NET 6 include:

· Sparkline support added to the Windows Forms spreadsheet

· Excel-like Camera support added to the Windows Forms spreadsheet

· Improved Excel document import and export performance

· New client browser support for:

o Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9, and

o Mozilla® Firefox® 4

“The primary goals of Spread have always been to optimize customer investment, maximize developer productivity, and provide support for new technologies - all at a good price-point.” said Rick Williamson, GrapeCity PowerTools General Manager.

“Through the Spread.NET maintenance releases and future versions, additional data visualization functionality and designer support will be added to allow Spread developers to more easily include dashboard capabilities in their applications,” said Robby Powell, GrapeCity PowerTools Director of Development. “By combining the two products, we can now improve consistency between the Spread controls by implementing parallel features, and improving the portability of serialized documents. “

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