GrapeCity sponsored a recent Dev Connections show in Las Vegas and a good time was had by all. First, we have David Giard, MVP and host of David is not only an ActiveReports user but has been an ActiveReports trainer as well! He says, “It’s a very intuitive product". I also did an interview for David on his show. Stay tuned.

Wow, then we have North America INETA President, MVP Joseph Guadagno. He encourages every speaker to sign up at as INETA will reimburse you up to $200, depending on the mileage of the trip. Also, in February, INETA is turning 10 years old! See for details… User group members who help spread the word of the Birthday Celebration by tweeting with #INETA10 hashtag will have a chance to win giveaways (pending group membership verification by user group leader). He was also up to no good at a Karaoke event in Las Vegas, surprising me by putting in my name to sing! I can’t carry a tune to save my life, but we definitely had fun! Smile

Next we catch up with MVP Bill Reiss, Technical Architect for AgileThought. He shares information on some of the games he has created for XBOX and the Phone 7. Dr Popper and Snack attack. Bill is organizing a great event this Friday Dec 16, 2012 in Tampa, Bill Reiss' Third Annual XNA Game Camp and Hackathon and Russ Cam TV will be there! Bill also joined GrapeCity for dinner one night at the Mandalay Bay Burger Bar. It could be the best burger place I have ever been to. Thanks to Rick Williamson for turning me on to that place! MVP, Jim Holmes Joins us next, fresh out of an interview with .Net Rocks. He is the Chief Cat Herder for the Code Mash Conference coming up on Jan 11-13 in Sandusky, Ohio. It looks like a great conference and Russ Cam TV will be there! Also, right off of the .NET Rocks interview set, we talk with MVP Kathleen Dollard, Technical Evangelist for Digital Folio. She lets us know about her plans to do a book with her son on algorithms for .NET Coders.

Jeffrey Baron, VP App Software Development, GfK MRI shares some info on his app that uses Spread. 3000 rows by 200 columns is a typical task for GrapeCity’s Spread component and he loves it! “It just works!” Peter Fallon, Software developer from down under. he has ActiveReports working on two websites and a Windows app. His ActiveReports apps include a medical research system, change management tool and a standard business reporting application.

Active Reports Server is announced!

At about the 3:30 minute mark, Scott Willeke, Product Manager here at GrapeCity shares his excitement on the latest GrapeCity Product ActiveReports Server. In a nutshell, “What we have done is taken our developer reporting tools and taken the feedback from our customers and actually created an entirely new solution…. we created an end user designer that is entirely browser based…. as part of that you need a server component because now you have people running reports on a server… so the ASP.NET developer no longer needs to focus on scalability, scheduling, web services etc, as all of these features are built into ActiveReports Server.” He also states, there are similarities to the new Microsoft PowerView Beta, however you do not need the SharePoint stack to install ActiveReports Server. And if you have existing Active Reports you can upload to the server and take advantage of Load balancing and scheduling. Sounds like a perfect fit or existing Active Report users, as well as new customers that have Enterprise reporting needs. See several ActiveReports Sever videos on You Tube.

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#INETA10 – Joseph Guadagno, MVP and INETA North America president.


The GrapeCity Crew at Dev Connections.

Back: Rick Williamson, Kevin White, Rajnish Sinha, Robby Powell, Russ Fustino

Front: Scott Willeke, Masayuki Fukuchi, Sean Lawyer, Don Williamson and Tommy Hodges with the video camera.

Photos from Dev Connections

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