We're coming out of the blocks fast here at ComponentOne! We have a lot of cool products in the pipeline (including the incredible Wijmo v2), and our speaking tours are just as busy. I'm presenting two talks this month, but as usual, nothing like a little variety: CodeMash (Jan 11-13, 2012; Sandusky, OH) This is my second trip to CodeMash, and I'm very excited to be returning. Partly because it's an awesome conference, but partly because I'm speaking this time. The organizers have put together several incredible days of content. I'm presenting one talk here:

Building Windows 8 Applications with HTML 5 and jQuery One of the many new advances in Windows 8 is the ability to create Windows applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this session, we'll take a look at the Windows 8 technology stack on which these applications run, how HTML/CSS/JS apps actually run, and discuss the implications of the different ways to utilize third party libraries such as jQuery. We'll then migrate an MVC application which utilizes jQuery into a Metro-style application. By the end of this session, you'll have a solid idea of what it means to have a Metro-style application built with web technologies.

My second talk is a webcast for Microsoft Public Sector on getting started with Windows Phone 7 on Jan 24. Details forthcoming.