Recently I have been working with our CTO, Bernardo Castillo, on a project converting a C# application to JavaScript by hand. The syntax clearly has differences (along with similarities), but the biggest questions have come regarding principles and patterns. As we wrote the JavaScript I kept falling back to things I have read from a few very good resources throughout my affair with JavaScript programming. I compiled a short list last night and sent it to Bernardo, but thought it is something that should be made public.

If you are a C# (or any Object-oriented language) programmer looking to learn patterns and practices in JavaScript then these resources are great for inspiration and instruction. If you are already a JavaScript programmer I guarantee that there are things you can learn from the style guides. I am still learning from them.

Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript
Author: Fernando TrasviƱa

Simple JavaScript Inheritance
Author: John Resig

3 ways to define a JavaScript class
Author: Stoyan Stefanov

Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript
Author: Rick Waldron

The Elements of JavaScript Style
Author: Douglas Crockford

Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
Author: Douglas Crockford

Essential JavaScript Design Patterns
Author: Addy Osmani

I hope these resources help you. There a many more resources I did not mention, but these ones give experienced programmers good guidance for taking their current skills to JavaScript (the right way).

And a huge thanks the the fellas that wrote these great articles. You have helped me tremendously.