October was a crazy travel month, so I'm slowing down a little this month, and even throwing in a week's vacation! Desert Code Camp, Nov 5 I'm actually on the plane to this one right now--inching ever closer to super preferred status! I'm presenting two talks this weekend; I've presented "Rockign WebForms with jQuery" several times in the past, and you can find the slides, sample code and a recording at http://our.componentone.com/2011/08/30/slides-and-code-for-rocking-webforms-with-jquery/.

LightSwitch Onramp Microsoft's LightSwitch presents a radical new way of designing applications in Visual Studio. Applications can be quickly built using screen templates and prewritten code to handle routine tasks. Custom business logic can be added in VB.NET or C#. LightSwitch applications can access a number of data sources, including SQL Server and SQL Azure, and can be hosted locally or on Azure. LightSwitch will enable IT staff to quickly turn around those small-but-necessary enterprise apps end users are so fond of, and it's easy enough for power-users with limited programming experience to build their own apps. By the end of this session, we’ll understand what LightSwitch is, what we need to develop with LightSwitch, and how to get started developing a LightSwitch application. Rocking WebForms with jQuery Reports of WebForms' demise are very premature; in fact, WebForms still rock! And by adding just a little jQuery UI magic, they can rock even more. Whether you're beginning a new WebForms application, or maintaining an existing one, it's very easy to add a little UI razzle-dazzle that can both make your code cleaner and the application more user friendly. In this session, we'll look at what jQuery is, how to use it in ASP.NET WebForms applications, and what it can do for our WebForms applications. If you've used the ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit in your applications, you'll want to see what is replacing it.

MSDN Webcast: LightSwitch Onramp, Nov 10 If you can't make it to Phoenix to see the LightSwitch Onramp, I am presenting it again as an MSDN webcast. You can watch it live, or catch the recording at a later date. GANG Monthly Meeting, Nov 16 I'm a bit player in this meeting. Gerhard has been on my case for a while to come give a lightning talk, and since ComponentOne is sponsoring Glenn Block's travel, this seemed like a good time to visit. Hard to believe it's been a year since I first learned what "broasted chicken" is. This meeting is also an election for a new president, and we thank Dave Giard for his excellent leadership over the last few years.