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Abhishek Dutta

Abhishek Dutta likes how GrapeCity doesn't define his boundaries, always teaching him to strive toward overcoming professional and technical challenges. Abhishek earned a master's and bachelor's degree in Computer Application from Guru Gobind Singh University in Delhi, India, before starting his career in the software industry. In his free time, Abhishek enjoys playing games on his PlayStation 4, writing, and travelling for adventure.

Recent Posts

Pivoting data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Wijmo OLAP

The numerous entities and records in the back-end that generally compose Dynamics 365 applications can make it difficult for business analysts to analyze their data on a day-to-day basis, gather useful information, and then make recommendations to business stakeholders. Although reporting tools can help, they lack the business intelligence required to extrapolate meaningful information to empower the stakeholders to make timely decisions.

Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Wijmo 5 Controls

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a popular enterprise business solution designed to manage business processes, has a plethora of features that fulfill most business needs. But because every business is different, each enterprise generally requires customization. Fortunately, the customizations are straightforward, and can be done through plugins, actions, and web resources.