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Abhishek Dutta

Abhishek Dutta likes how GrapeCity doesn't define his boundaries, always teaching him to strive toward overcoming professional and technical challenges. Abhishek earned a master's and bachelor's degree in Computer Application from Guru Gobind Singh University in Delhi, India, before starting his career in the software industry. In his free time, Abhishek enjoys playing games on his PlayStation 4, writing, and travelling for adventure.


Grouping in ComboBox and List in MVC

This blog demonstrates how to utilize grouping in ComboBox and List in MVC.

Exploring Wijmo with Angular Elements

There has been a recent buzz within the Angular community ever since the Angular Elements revelation at the AngularMix conference. When Angular Elements was released with Angular 6, the team at GrapeCity decided to test our Wijmo’s Angular Components to see if they are up for a challenge.