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Row Selection in FlexGrid for WPF

How to show a row selected in ComponentOne Studio FlexGrid for WPF as soon as the window displays on the screen.

Troubleshooting Errors in ActiveReports in MVC Applications

In my previous blog I had talked about how to use the ActiveReports HTML5 Viewer in an ASP.NET MVC application. The HTML5 Viewer is a really nice client side control to display reports stored on the server. However, there might be situations where you come across some issues while working with the HTML5 Viewer or the WebViewer control in an MVC application and haven't been able to solve the problem even after spending hours.

ActiveReports HTML5 Viewer in ASP.NET MVC

ActiveReports has been the greatest reporting tool for quite some time. Guess what, it's even better now. ActiveReports(v8) now has an HTML5 Viewer that can be used to view reports in a native HTML5 application. With the new HTML5 Viewer you can build more advanced, fast and robust applications for multiple platforms(Desktop and Mobile); thanks to its various UI types - Desktop, Mobile and Custom. The HTML5 Viewer also provides the feature to print the displayed reports and even export them to various formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc).

Expand/Collapse All Nodes in C1TreeView for Silverlight

The C1TreeView for Silverlight component is a tool for displaying data in a hierarchical/tree format for a better visual experience. In this article I'm going to talk about expanding or collapsing all nodes at once rather than having to expand or collapse each node individually.

Cascading ComboBoxes in C1FlexGrid

C1FlexGrid has been the most popular tool for representing/editing data for a long time. There are scenarios where a ComboBox is required in C1FlexGrid for editing for eg. when we need to enter a Country in a cell. It can be implemented using one of the following approaches :

Wijmo Grid TriState CheckBox Selection

Wijgrid provides the feature to select rows by clicking on them and not just one row; you may select multiple rows by dragging the mouse over the rows or by Ctrl+click combination.

Customize Layout of Specific Page in C1Report

C1Report offers the ability to display a header on each page for a more organized view. Page headings give the report a professional look and the one reading the report has an idea of what he/she is looking at.

Few of our customers had a requirement to change the background of a cell depending on its contents. This can be easily accomplished using the cellStyleFormatter utility provided by Wijgrid. For eg. if the value in a cell is less than 25, then its background color should be yellow and the forecolor should be red.

Deselect Rows using Ctrl+Click in Wijgrid

Wijgrid offers a great deal of flexibility in the way its rows/cells are selected. Please refer to this documentation link for a list of the selectionModes offered by wijgrid.

Dynamic Conditional Formatting in C1FlexGrid WPF

C1FlexGrid is a very flexible tool in terms of data representation. It provides a fantastic utility called CellFactory which can take data representation to a whole new level. This class lets you customize the grid at the cell level and hence can be very expedient in accomplishing certain scenarios. You may go through the documentation of the CellFactory class to know more about it.

Maintaining Aspect Ratio In Wijgallery

When large images are displayed in the wijgallery widget, the images get stretched (auto sized) to fit the display area. However, users may want to see the images in the same Aspect Ratio as the original ones. In this article we'll discuss a simple approach on how to do just that.

Wijgrid : Custom Filtering

One of the most common and important features of a grid is the ability to filter. You see a grid full of data and you filter it out to see data based on the filter condition. This article focusses on how to load filtered data into wijgrid directly from the server i.e data is fetched from the server based on a filter condition and loaded in wijgrid. The filter condition can be provided using a textbox or any other input element of your choice.

Fixed Range Slider

Sometimes, you may have a requirement to let users select values within a fixed range only. For eg. the slider may display values from 0-50, however you may want the user to select a range of values whose difference is always less than or equal to 10 (or any other value of your choice).

Printing Specific Pages in C1Report

Sometimes users have a requirement when they would like to print only a range of pages or print specific pages only. Suppose we have a report containing 5 pages and we'd like to preview/print only the first 3 pages or only the last 3 pages or just the 1st, 3rd and 5th pages.

Drag and Drop in Wijsuperpanel

The wijsuperpanel widget allows us to add elements to it and replace the browsers scrollbars with it's own scrollbars. You can read more about the wijsuperpanel here. Wouldn't it be good if we could drag and drop elements from and to the wijsuperpanel.

Populate Wijtree from External Data Source using Knockout

Since the introduction of Knockout as the official MVVM library, creating dynamic webpages has become a lot more easier. As you all must be aware that wijmo has adopted knockout as its official MVVM library, so you can build lightweight dynamic webpages using wijmo widgets with ease.

Retain Selection on Sorting, Grouping and Filtering in C1DataGrid

We're often in a situation where we've selected a row and then as soon as we apply sorting or filtering on the grid, a row with different data gets selected. This is because selection works on the basis of row index in most of the Grid controls and it applies for C1DataGrid for Silverlight as well. So if we select the first row and apply sorting, grouping or filtering, we will observe that the first row remains selected. Now, suppose if we fetch the data of the selected row, we would get different data. This behavior will occur every time we apply any data operation on the grid. What do we do then!!

Customizing WijGrid Using CellStyleFormatter

Some of our customers have posted queries where they're trying to customize the cells (backcolor, alignment, etc) but find it hard to do so. Well, wijgrid gives an easy way to do this. It's called CellStyleFormatter. You can refer to the documentation to know more about this option.

Sorting Non-Empty Cells in Silverlight FlexGrid

Sorting is one of the important features of any grid control and C1FlexGrid for Silverlight also supports this feature. You can easily sort C1FlexGrid in the ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers just by setting the AllowSorting property to true.