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C1Chart For LightSwitch: Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart

The C1Chart LightSwitch Extension provides various  options  to customize the various charts that that can be rendered with this extension. While most customization can be done easily at design time, but for some we need to write a little bit of code to get what we want. Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart perfectly fits this scenario , so lets have a look at how we can get this done in 2 easy steps.

ActiveReports:Binding Section Reports to Entity Framework

Microsoft's  Entity Framework since its inception has become developer's favorite for mapping a Relational Database to a Conceptual Model. Its strength lies in the way it allows developers to modify the Conceptual Model as per their business logic and still be connected to the Relational Database. In simpler terms Microsoft Entity Framework creates a set of classes from the database schema and allows developers to work on these objects without worrying about the relational object model that works behind the scenes.

Binding ActiveReport's Section Report to an Oracle Database

Oracle happens to be a widely used datasource and let’s see how we can bind Section Reports to this database. So before we get started let’s get the ingredients in place that we would need for connecting to an Oracle datasource. The only thing that we would need is an Oracle Data Provider for .NET which would allow us to take advantage of Oracle database functionality and expose us the API that we would need to work with Oracle inside a .NET application. We have used the one that is provided by Oracle i.e. the ODP.NET library(Oracle.DataAccess.Client assembly). This library can be downloaded from here.

XSD Dataset as Datasource for a Page Report

We have already discussed about using  XSD (Typed Dataset) as a datasource for ActiveReports' Section Reports in this article. However, we didn't discuss about how to use it in case of Page Reports. The tricks of the trade remains almost same with some minor changes to make this work.

ActiveReports7: End User Designer for the Web

ActiveReport’s End User Designer (EUD) has always being the star attraction for both developers and end users. The idea of giving the real end users the power to Create or Edit reports and Write Script code, seems to be what has captured the imagination of many customers. They always wanted to take this functionality a step further and use it on the Web as well. Unfortunately, this is where a line needs to be drawn since the EUD is a Windows Form control and therefore cannot be used on the Web.

Upgrade ActiveReports 2 COM Reports to ActiveReports 7

ActiveReports 7 happens to be latest addition to the legacy of ActiveReports. Talking of legacy, we still have few customers who are still using the COM version of ActiveReports, and would like to migrate to ActiveReports 7 which targets the .NET platform.

ActiveReports7: Plotting Negative and Positive Values in 2D Bar Chart

Users often want to display both positive and negative values on the Bar chart and require the bars to be plotted on either side of the X Axis depending on whether the Y value is positive or negative. This can be achieved by setting the Position property of the X Axis to 0. This results in X Axis to be plotted from the position where Y value is 0.

ActiveReports7: Exporting Section Reports to JPEG

If you ever wanted to export SectionReports from ActiveReports 7 to JPEG image files and thought that it was a dead end, then you may not be aware of the the flexibility that ActiveReports offers. Let's get into the technicality of this subject and make our way through exporting SectionReports to JPEG Files.

Using ActiveReports 7 with WPF

ActiveReports 7 is natively not supported in the WPF environment. However it can be hosted in WPF with the help of WPF's WindowsFormsHost control which allows you to host a Windows Forms control inside WPF applications. You just need to host the ActiveReports 7 Viewer control (which is responsible for rendering the report) using the WindowsFormHost control and you can view ActiveReports 7 reports  in WPF .

Typed Dataset DataSource for ActiveReports 7 & C1Report

ComponentOne provides two reporting tools namely ActiveReports 7 and C1Report . These components give developers and the end users similar flexibility to connect reports to various data sources. One data source that has been garnering a lot of attention has been the XSD or the Typed Dataset.

ActiveAnalysis: Avoid Wait for Server Message after Postback

ActiveAnalysis serves up great data visualization on Windows, Web and Silverlight platforms and hence makes the task of performing analysis seem trivial to end users. Here let’s talk about the Web based scenario.

ActiveAnalysis : Adding & Viewing Description to a Measure

ActiveAnalysis recently released a new public release (build 2.1.827.0) which includes support for Displaying descriptions for Measures. This feature is only applicable when you are using a MDX datasource.

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis: How to Get User Selected Filter Values

GrapeCity Active Analysis (GCAA) has been in the business of providing ad-hoc analysis solution to end-users and developers alike. Like any other analysis tool it provides various analysis mechanisms to analyze data; and one of the important analysis mechanisms that it provides happens to be Filtering.