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MultiThreading with C1DataGrid for WPF

MultiThreading is mostly used to create more responsive user interface, although it can be used for other tasks as well, like performing some action while still waiting for a response from a web service.

CommandBinding in WPF DataGrid - Part II

We discussed how to do CommandBinding 'MouseLeftButtonUp' event to find the selected row in WPF C1DataGrid in our first Blog.

Highlight Search String in Silverlight Flexgrid

Many of our users often requested on how to highlight searched text with changed Foreground in Silverlight Flexgrid. This blog explains a simple approach to do this.

Load Data from CSV File to ComponentOne Grids for Wpf

Almost all grid components (Wpf/Silverlight), including Wpf C1DataGrid and C1Flexgrid have an 'ItemSource' property that gets or sets the data source of the control. This property accepts objects of type System.Collections.IEnumerable. However, there might be a scenario when user needs to read and load data from a CSV file to the grid. There's no direct property/method available for this and here we discuss how to implement this.

Copy Data from Excel to ComponentOne Grids for Wpf

Provision to copy data from MS-Excel to any grid component is quite a common requirement. Here, we discuss the same implementation using C1DataGrid and C1FlexGrid for WPF.

Batch Update in C1DataGrid for WPF

Developers need to track the edits (insert, update and delete) while working in any grid control and then provide the capability to utilize the same database connection to perform the updates, and optionally perform the updates as an atomic transaction.  There are use cases when a user changes data in a data grid, and those changes are immediately reflected back to the database.

Binding WPF C1DataGrid to XML File

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a vast amount of data binding functionality. However, one area where the data binding falls short is with the XmlDataProvider. XmlDataProvider Class enables declarative access to XML data for data binding. With an XmlDataProvider, the underlying data that can be accessed through data binding in your application can be any tree of XML nodes. In other words, an XmlDataProvider provides a convenient way to use any tree of XML nodes as a binding source.

Customizations in C1NumericBox for Silverlight

The C1NumericBox control is a numeric editor, provided with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight suite, that allows you to display and edit numeric values in many formats. At times, we need to make a few modifications to the control to suit our needs. And I've provided a couple of such implementations here.

CommandBinding in Wpf C1DataGrid

While developing applications in Wpf, sometimes we follow the MVVM pattern and come across the requirement to bind commands. We'll discuss the same in this blog. And for demo purpose, I've implemented command binding in Wpf C1DataGrid. Our motive is to enable row selection using MVVM.

Load Images in C1DataGrid for Silverlight using WCF

More often than not, users have a requirement to display images in Silverlight applications. Here, we discuss the same using C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Display Multiple Clickable Images in C1Flexgrid for Winforms

C1FlexGrid control is a powerful, full-featured grid and provides all the basic and advanced features. It also exposes a certain method SetCellImage(), that gives users the ability to display an image in a grid cell. SetCellImage() method however, lets the user display only one image in a cell. There are occasions though, when one might need to display more than a single image in a particular cell/column. This article provides us with a way to implement this.

Deferred Scrolling in C1FlexGrid WPF

In C1Flexgrid for WPF control or any other grid control, by default, when the user drags the thumb on a scrollbar, the content view gets scrolled simultaneously. However, when the grid contains a large number of rows, scrolling becomes a bit slow. The default behavior of C1FlexGrid is "live" scrolling, where the user is able to see the contents of the grid move while dragging the thumb of a scroll bar. However, this "live" scrolling requires a relatively large amount of processing, which in some cases may cause the UI to feel sluggish. For such situations, C1Flexgrid provides us with an option to use deferred scrolling. Deferred scrolling is an alternative scrolling behavior where the contents of the grid remain static until the user releases the mouse button (similar to the behavior of the Outlook 2007 Inbox). The content is updated only when the user releases the thumb.

Reverse Legend Items in C1Chart

ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight lets us transform our data and add professional-grade charts to Silverlight apps. Among its many key features we have Stacked Charts and Chart Legends. Stacking charts offer a simplified approach for representing complex data and C1ChartLegend may be used to connect to the chart through one property. This design provides maximum flexibility when styling and positioning the legend.

Multiple Row Selection in C1DataGrid Without Using Ctrl Key

Among the many features provided by Silverlight C1DataGrid, a very useful one is multiple row selection. This may be enabled by simply setting its 'SelectionMode' property to 'MultiRow'. This enables the user to select/unselect rows by keeping Ctrl/Shift keys pressed when rows are clicked via mouse.

Change BackColor of a Cell in C1Sizer

While working with C1Sizer for Winforms, at times users come across the need to set different BackColor for the individual grid-cells. Almost all grid  controls have this property exposed. However, C1Sizer doesn't (its not a regular grid with regular cells either) and hence, this gets  wee bit difficult. This article lets us implement the same; and this is all we need to do:

Binding C1TrueDbGrid to Hierarchical Object DataSource

While developing an application using C1TrueDBGrid which is bound to a business object, one may come across a situation when data needs to be displayed in a Hierarchical View. Now, if we need to create a hierarchical-grid-like general user interface in an application, the easiest solution is to assign the grid's DataSource property to the data of interest and let the control take care of the display of data in whichever view we need.

Highlight Search String in WPF C1DataGrid and C1Flexgrid

Users often have the requirement to change the Foreground of the partial text inside a certain cell in a grid. This could be for a scenario where it is required to highlight some text being searched.

Sort C1Flexgrid Bound to a BindingList

Using business objects as a DataSource is quite common these days. Here, rather than communicating directly with the data provider, the client control communicates indirectly through the data cache object. However, it is important to note the fact that the interfaces implemented by the data provider for the benefit of the data cache are different from those provided by the data cache to its clients. Else, we lose few functionality, which considering the flexibility of the C1Flexgrid, is not a pleasant affair.

Resize Columns in C1Excel

C1XLBook can be used to load existing Excel files or create new ones. It may also be used for adding sheets, styles, hyperlinks, images, headers and footers, page breaks etc.

Transpose C1FlexGrid for Winforms

There may be occasions when users, using either one of the grids available with the ComponentOne Studio For Winforms - (C1TrueDbgrid, or C1Flexgrid), may need data to be available in transposed format. Now, C1TrueDbgrid already has provision for this (DataViewEnum.Inverted). C1Flexgrid does not support this transposed view by default. However, the flexible architecture of C1Flexgrid does help us implement this.