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How to: Show Image in Row Header of Selected Rows in C1GridView

Selection is a very common feature used in C1GridView, which allows users to select rows and applies a highlight color on the selected rows.

Resolving "DLL Hell" Problem for ActiveX Components

In computing, DLL Hell is a term for the complications that arise when working with dynamic link libraries (DLLs) used with Microsoft Windows operating systems, particularly for legacy 16-bit editions which all run in a single memory space. While the phrase is Windows-specific and a derivation of the general cross-platform phrase Dependency Hell, the rhyme DLL Hell makes its use popular for discussing a general Windows-related dependency hell case.

Merging Multiple Reports in Single PDF

Integrating multiple reports in a single PDF file is helpful in many ways. It allows customers/clients to have a better view of the company reports and analyze them.

Troubleshooting 'Class not registered' Error

Accessing properties of ActiveX controls via designer is a very basic feature which enable us to to implement operations like styling etc. directly at design time.

How To: Adjust The C1SuperTooltip Display Time

C1Supertooltip for Winforms has been a revolution when it comes to the requirement to customize the appearance of the tooltip. Sometimes we need the tooltips to stay longer than the usual time while hovering on various controls. Usually ToolTip disappears as soon as the mouse is moved from the control.

Embedding and Viewing Text Files in VSPrint 8.0

Sometimes user need to preview text files like .txt/.rtf/.vp in VSPrint8 control. This blog explains the small and easy implementation of the same.

Troubleshooting ActiveX Licensing

Getting over the licensing problem is the main stay if we are distributing our application or using it on our end as well.

Scrolling Contents Of C1OutPage Using MouseWheel

The C1OutBar supports scrolling through scrollbars as shown in the image below :

Conversion of VSFlexGrid 7.0 to C1.Win.C1FlexGrid.Classic

There are few customers who are using VSFlexgrid 7.0 in their old legacy VB 6.0 applications, and want to migrate to the corresponding .NET version i.e. C1FlexGridClassic.

Importing HTML tables to VSFlexGrid

This blog deals with loading of HTML tables into VSFlexGrid.

Implementing Row Selection in VSFlexGrid 8.0 to retain Cell Backcolor

When any cell formatting is applied on VsFlexGrid 8.0, then on selecting the row, the formatting is not shown.

Troubleshooting Studio for ActiveX Installation Errors

At times, when trying to install Studio for ActiveX,  the installation fails with an error message.

Troubleshooting Error 1720 &1722 in Studio for Winforms Installation

At times, users get Error 1720/1722 during installation, or un-installation, of Studio For Winforms. The error is, more or less, the same; however, the causes may vary.