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Filtering Charts from C1FlexGrid in LightSwitch

This blog demonstrates the binding of C1Chart for LightSwitch to C1FlexGrid control. It looks to implement filtering of Chart data based on the Filtered rows in C1FlexGrid.

Parent Child Relationship in LightSwitch Grids

While working with Grid controls, it is a common requirement to display the data in Parent-Child relation within two grids.

Loading Runtime Templates for LightSwitch Control

LightSwitch extensions from ComponentOne are almost customizable at design time. However, at times developers require some of the customizations to be done at runtime.

Silent Parameters in SilverlightViewer (II)

Users of ActiveReports would surely agree to the fact that ActiveReports has been a revolution in terms of customizable Reporting component. ActiveReports in conjunction with default .NET libraries has been developer's delight irrespective of the domain whether it is Windows development, ASP.NET, WPF or be it Silverlight.

How To: Draw Dotted Cell Borders in C1FlexGrid

Customization has always been the strong USP for C1FlexGridcontrol whether in Winforms, WPF or Silverlight. Specifically its ability to integrate with the default .Net Classes has made it more popular.

Display the Printing status for WPF C1Reports

In this blog, I am providing a small utility code to capture whether the Printing has been completed or Cancelled while printing a WPF C1Report.

How To: Implement Advanced Custom Annotations

Charts are commonly used GUI controls for reporting and analysis, developer often look to provide various customization options.

Conditional X Axis Label Customization

Customizing the Axis Labels for C1Chart for WPF has been made easy with the AnnoTemplate feature. You can even customize the appearance as per your requirement based on some condition.

Open Silverlight Child Window in New Tab or New Window

While working with Silverlight applications, we often come across the requirement where we need to show another XAML page either in a new Tab in the same browser or pop up a new browser window. This is a generic requirement and various solutions can be found while you try to Google out the requirement.

Sorting and Grouping C1FlexGrid through XAML

Considering the popularity of MVVM pattern with WPF and Silverlight, developers are always looking to implement every possible feature in XAML.

Silent Parameters in SilverlightViewer

ActiveReports popular for its flexibility allows developers to do various kind of customizations to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs.

Hierarchical Nested Structure with C1FlexGrid

C1Flexgrid for WPF provides lot of features including the option to Group the data. However, it lacks the support for Hierarchical structure. Hierarchical display provides the ability to present the master data to users, such that the related detail data can be viewed in the same grid with a single mouse click. End users can expand and collapse the related row bands using a TreeView-like interface.

Runtime Gantt Chart in LightSwitch

This blog is in continuation of my efforts to make the LightSwitch Developers to have a smooth sailing while working with LightSwitch C1Chart control. With the release of Gantt Chart type in C1Chart of LightSwitch suite for Desktop, we have lot of developers looking to use Gantt Chart either in designer or through code.

Understanding Gantt Chart in LightSwitch

With the new release of ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch Desktop (Build 4.0.20133.47), Chart control for LightSwitch now provides default support for Gantt Chart Type.

Export Silverlight C1Chart Data to Excel

Mostly, when we talk about exporting chart to an Excel sheet, we expect Chart to be exported to Excel sheet as an Image. In case you are looking to export C1Chart for Silverlight as an Image, you can refer to this documentation link.

Editable Unbound Columns with C1DataGrid

Grid controls are commonly used to display records in tabular format. We have columns mapped to particular fields from the database to show the corresponding values. Along with this it provides the option to edit the values.

Outlook-style Grouping

C1FlexGrid for WPF/Silverlight control now supports the creation of groups by dragging column headers into a grouping area, which is created by a separate component. What’s neat and ultra flexible about FlexGrid’s grouping panel is that you can customize the grouping behavior by using a simple value converter.

How To: Sort C1FlexGrid With Auto Execute Query Off

While working in a LightSwitch application, you would often need to load Query result on a conditional basis. For instance, if you are creating a custom search screen with many optional parameters you may want to first specify search criteria and then issue the search at once.

HowTo: Collapsible Grouped Columns in C1FlexGrid

While working with grid application, data is generally grouped in Row format which can be expanded and collapsed to toggle the detailed data.

Cascading Combo Boxes in C1DataGrid

With input based applications, we often find usage of cascading combo boxes where values of one combobox is dependent on the value selected in another combobox.