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Using Wijmo in JSFiddle

Sometimes it's a lot of effort to create a new project or write an HTML file from scratch.  I know, there are tools out there to automate a lot of that, but let's assume that most people don't use them.

ActiveReports 7 Is Now Available!

ActiveReports 7 takes your reports to new levels with a release that fulfills a wide range of reporting needs. It introduces a new page layout designer that offers precise design tools for the most complex form reports such as tax forms, insurance forms, multi-page prospectus and investment forms, and much more. Updated Barcode, Matrix, Calendar, and Table controls plus data visualization features make the most complicated transactional, analytical, and BI reports easy to create, and easy to read and understand. All of these features are within reach in a set of redesigned viewer and designer controls that have a consistent look and feel, and a powerful, extensive API that continues the hardcore coding traditions of the ActiveReports product line.

Check Out What’s New in 2012v2!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!  We are proud to announce that you can now download our new 2012v2 release.  There are a lot of enhancements and features in this release, and I’d love to take a few minutes to chat about some of the top features you might like to know about.

Introduction to SignalR Video from Tech Connection Live

Several months ago ComponentOne hosted a day long event for developers in the Minneapolis area called "Tech Connection Live".  At this conference, I gave my patented SignalR talk.  Luckily it was recorded for those of your that were not able to be there!

HTML5 Canvas for the Noob–Part 1

It’s funny how software development goes in a circle.  Ten years ago, I was writing DirectX code.  The concept was simple.  You have a screen, and you write pixels depending on what you wanted to draw.  There were wrappers around common things, such as drawing an image to the screen or writing text.

I build a bank… and it crashed.

If you were at Codestock this past weekend, you might have seen me talking about a certain demo I wrote to show off the awesomeness of SignalR, Twilio, and Wijmo.

Join us for Tech Connection Live! Free Barbeque!

Sometimes you just want to eat some good barbeque.

JuiceUI has a new flavor, Wijmo

A couple months ago, appendTo released Juice UI, an easy to use framework for building ASP.NET WebForms applications with jQueryUI.

Speaking at DC .NET Users Groups This Tuesday!

If you’re in the Washington DC area, you should come out to see me deliver my “Getting Started with SignalR” talk tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 17th) at the DC .NET Users Group.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.  This will be my 3rd time attending the group (2nd time speaking), and it’s always a good time.

Orlando Code Camp Recap

Thanks to everyone that attended my talks at Orlando Code Camp!  We had a blast!

SignalR Webcast Troubles

If you were hoping of catching my MSDN webcast this afternoon on SignalR, please be aware that we had some technical difficulties with the LiveMeeting links.  This session will be rescheduled in the near future, so please keep an eye on my blog.

Check out the new Calendar for Windows Phone

In the new release of ComponentOne’s Studio for Windows Phone, we’re offering a new control: Calandar.

MSDN Webcast: Building Asynchronous Web Applications with SignalR

Are you interested in building Asynchronous Web Applications on top of ASP.NET? If so, plan to join me next Tuesday (March 27th) at 2:00 PM EST for my MSDN webcast on using SignalR!

Don't Forget Your Leap Years!

Last night at the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group, I did a small lightning talk on the importance of detecting leap years.

Speaking at Philly .NET Tomorrow (2/15/2012)

If you’re in the Philly area, I’d like to invite you out to the Microsoft Malvern office to hear me talk about SignalR for the Philly .NET Users Group.  I absolutely love the community in Philly, and I can’t wait to hang out with all the folks there.

Speaking at the Richmond SQL Server Users Group Tomorrow

If you live in the Richmond, VA area, you should could out to the Richmond SQL Server Users Group meeting on Thursday, Feb 9th, 2012.  I’ll be doing a talk on Windows Azure, and trying to make it as friendly as I can to non-developers.

Speaking at Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP) Tomorrow!

If you’re in the Columbia, MD area, I’m going to be speaking at the CMAP users group meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2012).  I’m going to be giving my SignalR talk for the first time, so come on out!