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Announcing: ComponentOne, A Division of GrapeCity

If you've been around a group of ComponentOne or GrapeCity PowerTools people in the last few months, you may have seen us whispering in hushed tones and speaking in odd high-level there-is-something-I-can't-tell-you statements.  Today I'm pleased to be one of the people who can (finally) explain why.  As of July 1, 2012, GrapeCity has acquired ComponentOne!

Recap: West Palm Beach DNUG May 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out and packed the house tonight!  It was great to meet so many new faces, and see old friends Sam Abraham and Dave Noderer again.  Here are the links to download the sample code or to download the slides.  At this time, web development is both exciting and frustrating.  Browser manufacturers are adding powerful features to browsers, but each on their own schedule, and in some cases (such as the date input type) in their own way.  Many features of HTML 5, such as the semantic tags, and and should be implemented now.  Other features, such as some of the local storage options, can be implemented now but a fallback polyfill will also need to be implemented.  As we saw, responsive design and progressive enhancement can be used to build a site which functions well in the major browsers and device formats, usually with far less effort than maintaining multiple sites or native applications.  If you're starting a new web application today, plan to incorporate HTML5 and related technologies from the beginning.  The "technology triumvirate" can also be added to existing applications as you maintain them.

LightSwitch: No Plans to Support SQL CE

Some time ago I voted on a suggestion for LightSwitch to Support SQL Compact Edition.  I recently received a notice that the Visual Studio team had declined the issue, saying:

StirTrek: Avengers Edition Recap

Wow!  What an awesome event!  This was my first StirTrek, and although I had heard stories about it in the past, to actually experience it was something very different.  Watching presentations with on movie theater screens is quite impressive.  We posted some photos from StirTrek on our Facebook page.  Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers for an outstanding event!  Oh yeah, The Avengers is a great movie, too.

May 2012 Schedule

April showers bring May travels, and here's where I'll be this month.

Juicing Up An ASP.NET WebForms Site with Wijmo Menu Extender

jUICE UI? Wijmo? What is going on here?

Twin Cities Code Camp Recap

It was a gorgeous weekend on the U of M campus, and two days full of all kinds of content.  The attendees were a good mix, representing at least .NET, Ruby and Python.  I was able to attend several sessions, including Lee Brandt's "Drinking from the firehose" and "Get Your SQL Server Under Source Control" from Andy Pickett, one of the organizers.

April 2012 Schedule

Even after a mild winter,

Boise Code Camp 2012 Recap

This was my first ever trip to Idaho, and all I knew of Boise was working with JR Simplot (I used to work in foodservice logistics) and the "Smurf Turf".  There are a lot of good people at Simplot, I expected the same from the Boise community, and y'all did not disappoint.  Adam and I met a lot of great people this weekend, and admired how nice the downtown area is.  Boise is a wonderful little city, and the BSU facilities were gorgeous.  My compliments to the organizers for arranging beautiful weather, and timing the code camp with Tree Fort.  In all seriousness, that would be a good tie en every year, and probably should be linked to on the website.  As for the turf, well, it's very blue in person, too, so it's not my TV freaking out.

Let's Build Something Mobile, Round 2!

Back in January, ComponentOne and Microsoft partnered on a series of hands-on webcasts for building Windows Phone applications.  You can see my recap and materials at http://our.componentone.com/2012/01/23/lets-build-something-mobile-session-1-recap/.

Recap: Utah Code Camp 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended!  And congrats to the organizers for a very, very successful day.  At most events, there are fewer attendees than registrants.  Today, there were far more attendees than registrants.  Every talk was packed, and there was a great selection to choose from.  The community and organizers chose topics in across wide range of topics, making the decision of which one to attend very difficult.  I had a great time being at our table, talking to everyone about Wijmo, CSS Media Queries, jUICE UI, Silverlight, Win8 Metro and everything else.

March 2012 Schedule

This March is going to be as crazy as last October was!  I am only home one weekend, and that's because my wife is at a convention and I'm playing Mr. Mom.  Here's where I'll be and what I'm talking about:

Recap: NYC Windows Phone User Group Feb 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out and for all the good questions--we had a great learning session.  Remember, no one can tell my daughter I was in New York City, especially because when we're coming back was literally the first thing she asked me after I got home.  Here are the promised downloads from the meeting.  Remember, I'm showing here two .NET specific ways to query the DataMarket.  All of the datasets can be queried via OData's REST-ful interface, too, but that's a different talk.

Recap: South Florida Code Camp 2012

I apologize for the delay in making this post.  We had network issues the one day I had free.  Figures...

Testing Wijmo Gauges in jsFiddle

One of the great advantages to Wijmo is that they are widgets for the extremely popular jQuery UI. This means there is a great deal of support for their underlying library--lots of support means lots of nice things. One of those nice things is the cool jsFiddle,which is a live HTML/CSS/JavaScript snippet editor of sorts.  It's an awesome way to test small things quickly and with no overhead.  We can, in fact, do live testing of Wijmo widgets, and here we'll see how.  Because Wijmo gauges use SVG or VML based on the browser's capabilities, they are a great part of the "plugin-free web" (being promoted for mobile Safari on iOS and Metro IE in Windows 8 ) which is why we can fiddle with them like this.

February 2012 Schedule

February is relatively calm, but both trips I'm looking forward to.

Let's Build Something Mobile! Session 1 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Below you can download the session materials:

Online Workshops: Let's Build Something Mobile!

Microsoft & ComponentOne Present "No Developer Left Behind: A Hands-On-Workshops for Windows Phone"

CodeMash 2012 Recap

Day 0: 1/10/2012