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C1Excel - Load Overloads !

I know the title seems a bit simple, and sounds more like a forum post at the wrong place, but sometimes the easiest assumptions may not be the best for us, same as the easiest implementation can be tricky for your code. It may happen that for unseen reasons, the environment where your application runs, changes and not every time can this be under your control. You cannot control where anyone is going to run the application you built, you can only suggest.

Improving perfection, Filtering in FlexGrid!

Ease of use, it's quite often that we come across this phrase in today's times. What is ease of use actually? I think it is doing the things in a manner we are most used to.

C1Excel - FileFormat 101

While we are aiming to providing the most complex of solutions, we sometimes get stuck on the most basic of the steps. It happens to all of us, I would say that is part of being a developer, and if you are not getting stuck at the basics, its no fun at all. :)

What's New for WinForms 2014v1?

"New" is a relative term. For someone who has no prior experience of blazing fast performance, stable code, ease of use and reliability etc., the complete Studio For WinForms, is a new experience. For the rest of us, who have benefited with ComponentOne Studios, "New" means out of the box, "New"  means taking something good and making it better.

What's new on the Menu? Radial

Hello everyone!!! I am here to throw some more insight into the new RadialMenu control for Studio For WinForms. Based the One-Notes radial menu, it is the ComponentOne version which provides you with ease of programming and also in combination with Themes ( refer to my earlier posts, or visit here), you get to enhance the UI of your application as well as provide a whole new way for in app navigation.

Feeling colorful? Try out the new ComponentOne Themes for WinForms

Building a good application is so much like building a monument. Of course you  can always build in any which way you like, but those monuments which stand the test of time are, more often than not, built with a lot of effort and hard work. They need a solid foundation, good design, and above all, a very basic need for them to be magnificent, their looks.

WinForms 2013 V2 - TileControl

Windows 8 is getting its due, and now with MS announcing Windows Blue initiative, Desktop applications are here to stay.

WinForms 2013 V2 - SplitButton

Ever since Microsoft came out with Ribbon UI, we have been designing desktop apps based on similar cues. How much does a button with a dropdown option bundled into it change our "options"? Spare the pun, but we do need it over and over so as to save precious real estate on our forms. Functions that we can club together, and it all doesn't happen till we get what we didn't know we wanted :)

Modernize WinForms Applications!!!

Modern UI is in. Windows 8 is beginning to catch up. Developers are quite interested  in native Windows 8 development, or more rightly, Windows Store apps.

Run qUnit scripts from CodedUI Tests

With jQuery making its mark prominent in the recent times and unit tests based on it coming in demand day by day, it was only a matter of time that a requirement like this would crop up.

Running Application from CodedUI scripts!!

Whether CodedUI scripting is mentioned across everyone’s post, from the word of mouth, or any other source, it is at best known to be a means of testing what is already built. In case it is a web application, we need a running instance of the same on the desktop, and we need it to be hosted and accessible from some server.

Toggling C1Reports Fields Visibility at Run Time

Designing Reports using the Report Designer is quite easy, that is what it is meant for, making it easy.

ComponentOne and CodedUI: Tips and Tricks Part-II

As the title would suggest, this is the second part of the last post I started on CodedUI tests and ComponentOne controls.

ComponentOne and CodedUI: Tips and Tricks Part-I

One of the most popular features that MS came out with in Visual Studio 2010 was automated test scripts using UICoder. That it is getting popular day by day would be an understatement, and though it is yet a long way to go for it to eventually become a standard tool in the field of Automation Testing, it is by far one of the most sought after tools already.

Load Web Images in C1Report

C1Report is a powerful reporting tool, which provides a large scope of customizations that we can do on the ReportDefinition, create using this control.

Olap Grid: Customizations using C1FlexGrid Part II

C1FlexGrid has always been quite easy to use, be it manipulation of Grid Styles, or exporting data to different file formats. Since ComponentOne Olap For Winforms uses the same inherent controls, like I said before, anything that can be done with C1FlexGrid can be done with OlapGrid as well, to some extent.

Olap Grid: Customizations using C1FlexGrid Part I

OLAP Controls are made up of best of C1Controls combined together, thus everything that is possible with individual controls, is also to some extent possible with constituent controls within OLAP for Winforms, albeit with some minor tweaking here and there.

File Flags: Using Combinations while exporting

C1Flexgrid is one of the most popular grid controls as of now, in the market.

Insert Rows in Excel though code, Just like MSExcel

MSExcel as an application does a lot in the background, which when we start implementing through code would require a lot of efforts. A very simple example would be the ability to add / insert row/rows in between already existing data. Simple as it may seem to the end user this is a task which requires numerous backend tasks to be executed simultaneously or in quick succession, and apparently invisible to the end user.