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Handling merged cell in C1Excel

C1Excel lets you merge multiple cells, so as to display them as a single cell. Further it even lets you wrap the cell text in case the text is too long. This blog discusses how you can enhance a cell which is a combination of the above two features.

Getting Started with Creating Hierarchical C1GridView

Hierarchical data display is a very common way of presenting related data. With the 2014v3 release of Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, C1GridView now supports Hierarchical display. C1GridView, displays the hierarchical data with multilevel, multiple layouts and provide features such as sorting, filtering, grouping and editing.

Context Menu in ComponentOne GridView

C1GridView lets you display items from a data source in an interactive, fully customizable table. And a common scenario is to display a ContextMenu and provide some functionality such as exporting to various formats etc.

FlexChart in SpreadJS

Wijmo5  offers a collection of client-side controls including FlexChart, FlexGrid and several other Input controls. The FlexChart control provides a powerful and flexible way to visualize data.You can use the FlexChart control to create charts that display data in several formats, including bar, line, symbol, bubble, and others.

Adding an image gallery to your website is a necessity today as it enhances the UI. ComponentOne Gallery™ for ASP.NET Wijmo displays images and their thumbnails with options for slide show, slick transition effects, paging, theming, and much more. The source of these images are usually dynamic url links or the static images in the project folder itself.

Employee Dashboard using C1GridView

Employee Dashboard is used by the managers to have a quick overview of the employees work routine and details. This demonstration describes how C1GridView can be used here to automate the process further. Let's discuss how a manager can monitor the employees contribution towards the monthly events in a company by using a Dashboard created using C1GridView.

Creating Cascading Dropdownlists in C1TrueDBGrid

Cascading dropdown lists can be a generic requirement when it comes to grids. Cascading dropdown means that the contents of one of the dropdown is dependent on the selection made in the other dropdown. MS Excel implements these cascading dropdowns with the help of validation rules.

Retaining Formulas during Copy Paste Actions

Spread for ASP.NET supports the copy paste operations using the keyboard shortcut keys or the CommandBar buttons. Sometimes, the cell contain formulas which are overriden when a paste operation is performed for the cell. This blog discusses how the formulas can be retained during the copy paste operations.

Cell Merging on Client-side in Spread

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of merging cells with same values i.e. contiguous rows in one column having the same value should be displayed as a single cell.

HowTo: Create a Bullet List in a Spread Cell

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of typing in a bullet list in the Spread cell. This is similar to one of the MS Excel functionality that allows you to type in a bullet list in the Excel worksheet cell.

HowTo: Customize GroupHeaderRow in Spread for ASP.NET

Spread for ASP.Net provides built-in functionality to perform Grouping in Spread that allows users to group the data rows by a specific column. Use the AllowGroup property of the sheet to turn on grouping. The group header row by default displays the column index and the unique value in the column on the basis of which the specific group is created.

Display Images in C1Combo

The C1Combo control can be used as a multicolumn drop-down list box as explained here. This blog discusses how C1Combo can be further customized to display images along with text both in the drop down list and after an item is selected from this list.

Blinking Cells in C1TrueDBGrid

Recently, one of our customer using C1TrueDBGrid came up with an interesting requirement where  in the customer wanted to display a blinking cell in TrueDBGrid. Blinking a cell can be accomplished by changing the backcolor of the cell based on a timer.

Customizing the Appearance of Pager Buttons in Spread

Spread for ASP.Net displays data using the concept of Paging. When the sheet contains more rows than can be displayed in the component, Spread automatically creates pages and allows you to navigate between the pages of the sheet. For example, for a sheet that has 50 rows, you may want to display only 10 rows at a time, so each page would be a set of 10 rows.

Save and Load Enhanced Filters in Spread

The new features of Spread version 7 includes Enhanced filtering which is similar to the filtering provided in Excel. You can now select multiple values from the filter dropdownlist to perform filtering based on multiple values. Along with this Spread provides you with three different types of filters : Number Filters, Date Filters and Text Filters that provides you with various filtering options, for example, "Equals to", "Contains" and many more. There is another option to perform custom filtering where in you can apply these filters with a combination of "And" and "Or" operators. You may refer to the following for a detailed elaboration of these features:

Customize Long Values in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid for Winforms can be bound to a database that has different types of values including text, numbers or a combination of both. Sometimes these values are longer than the width of the data column, hence the cell text in this column is simply cut off. It only displays the text that fits the cell width. For example the value 12345.678910 might be displayed as 1234.67 or a bit longer depending on the column width. You would need to enlarge the column width to view the complete text.

Multiple Levels of Unbound Hierarchy in Spread

Many a times users want to display related data in grids. The related data basically displays the data relations between different tables in a dataset. Spread lets you display such data with the help of bound hierarchy mode. Please refer to the following link that describes the concept in details: http://helpcentral.componentone.com/NetHelp/SpreadNet6/WF/spwin-databind-hierarchy.html

Import Images from Excel into Spread

Spread has several CellTypes that allow you to enter variety of data into the Spread cells including text, numbers, checkboxes, comboboxes and even images. Please refer to the following link that describes the same:

Loading Images from Database in Spread

Spread provides data binding feature which allows you to bind Spread to different types of data sources. Please refer to the following link that describes how you can bind Spread to a data source:

Control Group Row Selection in C1TrueDBGrid

Grouping is a common feature found in most of the grids. To apply grouping in C1TrueDBGrid all we need to do is set the DataView property of C1TrueDBGrid to GroupBy. Please refer to the following link to know more about it.