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Customizing Arrow Style in C1TreeView

Here is a small utility blog which discusses how you can modify the appearance and position of the Expansion/Collpasion  Arrow in C1TreeView. The procedure is as simple as it could be :)

XArrayDB Licensing

Many customers have reported this issue wherein they face problems with the Licensing of XArrayDB object.

C1ComboBox - Tips and Tricks

With this blog we will implement the following scenarios in C1ComboBox :

Custom Row Icons in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch

With this blog, we will be discussing on how to implement customizations on the Row icons in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch.

CRUD operations in ComponentOne Scheduler

C1Scheduler supports flexible data bindings with different types of database vendors like, MsAccess, SqlServer, Oracle Db, etc.

Animating ComponentOne Expander

We animate the Framework elements by applying animation to their individual properties. For example, to make a framework element grow, we animate its Width and Height properties and to make it fade from view, we animate its Opacity property.

Coding Chart Animations

Animation is an important emerging field of graphics. It can add visual impact to a dull business application. Animated charts have obvious advantages over static charts when explaining subject matter that changes over time.

Save Hidden Chart Images

C1Chart can be directly exported to a variety of image formats including Bmp, Png, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff and Wmp. It provides a SaveImage method to implement the same.

Magic Of HitTest in OLAP

ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms helps to create interactive tables, charts, and reports.

Dynamic Trendlines in C1Chart

Trendlines indicate the general course or tendency of something or a set of points on a Chart.

Animated Grid Cells

Let's consider a scenario wherein a user has some data in his/her grid and wishes to display the status of some data or a progress bar in one of the grid cells.

HowTo: C1TrueDBGrid ShortcutKeys for DropDowns

Using Shortcut Keys for opening and closing DropDowns in a grid is always a better idea which avoids the hassle of using the mouse while editing some data in the grid.

HowTo: Display Information on Column Headers

Many a times there occurs a need to display some kind of information on a Grid's Column Headers itself.

ComponentOne Chart3D : Tips and Tricks

In this post we are going to provide some useful tips for ComponentOne Chart3D for WPF which are not available out of box.

C1RichTextBox : Header/Footer on Every Page

It is common to add headers and footers in your documents and continuing them on every page makes up for its efficient usage too.

Summary Row in C1FlexGrid

When using a Grid control, many of us have a requirement of displaying some kind of information on the Footer Rows or the Summary Rows of the grid.

C1FlexGrid : Cell Navigation via Arrow Keys

Many a times we have requirement of navigating in grid cells via Keyboard Arrow Keys.

Add Images to Charts in Your Silverlight & WPF Apps

Adding images to charts in a Business application makes it more interesting. Lets discuss how to add images or pictures to convey business information more effortlessly.

Implement MultiDataTriggers in C1DataGrid

With this blog, we will see how one can implement MultiDataTrigger in conjunction with C1DataGrid.

Drag and Drop Multiple Items in C1TreeView

ComponentOne TreeView supports drag-and-drop operations within the tree. We just need to set the 'AllowDragDrop' property to 'True' and the users will be able to reorder nodes within the tree by dragging them with the mouse.