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Getting Started with C1BinaryImage for ASP.NET Wijmo

Displaying binary images from database is now easy. C1BinaryImage for ASP.NET Wijmo brings you the power to show binary image from database or stream in your application. You can use it in any data bound control (Repeater, DataList, GridView etc.) to display images which originate from binary image field in the data source.

Getting Started with C1FileExplorer in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

A File Explorer is a file manager that provides a graphical user interface for accessing the file systems. C1FileExplorer for ASP.NET Wijmo brings to you a web control which fills the gap for a file management GUI for the web application. It allows your web application to access directories, similar to Windows Explorer and helps in organizing files and folders by performing all the basic file operations such as create, delete, rename, drag and drop.

Getting Started with C1SiteMap for ASP.NET Wijmo

A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site - think of it as a map to find all the content on your site.

RTL-ing ComponentOne RichTextBox

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch supports localizing application in more than 40 languages by setting the Application Culture. So for example, if we are using an English VS LightSwitch, we can create applications in any of the 40 languages including RightToLeft languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Wijmo Grid : Localizing Filter Operators

Wijmo includes the globalize library, but not every individual language. When setting the culture option you must include the language file in your script references. The CDN hosts all of the individual files or you can download them from Github

WijGrid HowTo : Paste ClipBoard Data Using Ctrl + V

One of our customers asked us how to paste copied records from Excel in Wijmo Grid using Ctrl + v key. In this blog, we'll discuss a very simple approach to do the same.

WijGrid HowTo : Apply Filter on Enter KeyPress

The Wijmo Grid widget (wijgrid) is a tabular datagrid that allows users to interactively select, edit, sort, scroll through, filter, and group data. The grid is highly customizable and can be used to better understand and visualize data more effectively.

Saving Occurrences of Recurring Appointments in Scheduler for LightSwitch

In C1Scheduler, an appointment (simple or recurring) is saved as a single record when stored in a database. Many times users want to store all the instances of recurring appointment in a separate table instead of saving it as a single record.

Adding Buttons in WijRibbon

The WijRibbon widget is a UI control that looks like a toolbar. The wijribbon can be used as the full ribbon UI or as a simple ribbon UI that allows you to save screen real estate.

C1Flexgrid for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here is another blog in our Code Snippet series. This time we'll discuss coding snippets to do the following things for C1FlexGrid for Lightswitch :

User Defined Label and Status in C1Scheduler for LightSwitch

The Appointment dialog box used in C1Scheduler for LightSwitch allows users to set a subject, location, label, start and end time, reminder, availability status, and whether the appointment is an all day event and recurring over a specified period of time. You can also specify any resources, categories, and contacts here.

Custom DetailView Dialog in C1Olap for LightSwitch

When a view is set in ComponentOne Olap for Lightswitch and user right clicks on the grid, a Details View dialog is shown. As per your project's requirement, you may want to change the look and feel of the table show. For instance, you may want to hide a column, change grid styles, etc.

QuickTool: Convert Text, RTF and VP Files To C1D

We have discussed how to load a text, rtf and vp files in C1PrintPreview controls in our following blogs :

Loading ActiveX VSPrinter Documents into C1PrintDocument

Few years ago we had a sample for converting and viewing VsPrinter Documents (*.vp) files in C1PrintPreview (1.x) control. But after the introduction of 2.0 framework and merging of C1Report and C1Preview controls, the object model of the Preview controls changed.

C1Olap for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here are few coding snippets for our customers regarding C1Olap for LightSwitch.

ComponentOne Studio Installation on VS2010 Express

Many customers face problems while running our ComponentOne Studio installers on VS2010 Express. When the installer is launched, a message is shown that you need to Install Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 framework.

Special 2D Chart Data Binding

When C1Chart is bound to any data source, it uses all of the bound data as its source of data for specified series data, and presents it in graphic form on the surface of the chart as directed by the series and other chart properties. This process requires several simple steps, but requires some knowledge of the chart object model.

C1PictureBox : Displaying Disabled Images

The C1PictureBox control is a data bound control which shows picture images stored in a data source field, derived from System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox. Though it has 'Enabled' property' setting this property to False does not have any effect on the image being displayed.

Chart8 for Windows 2000

Windows 2000 has been non-supported since 2005 (7 years ago). The Chart8 build 8.0.20102.88 was the last build of Chart8 under Visual Studio 6.