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About the Author

Nilay Vishwakarma

As a software engineer, Nilay likes that GrapeCity provides a sense of ownership regardless of contribution, which encourages him to build a better system every day. When he's not coding, he enjoys reading, binge-watching television, and snooker. He graduated from Uttar Pradesh Technical University with a Bachelor's in Technology. You can find him on Twitter at @iwannabebot.


Introduction to Material Design in WinForms Apps

This introduction to Material Design in desktop apps includes a tutorial on our WinForms Material Design Designer.

An Introduction to Azure Functions

This article is an overview of Azure Functions and discusses why you may want to choose Azure Functions as your microservice.

An Introduction to Material Design for MVC

Google announced Material and its specification in mid-2014, defining Material as based on paper and ink with advance implementations. This article is an introduction to material design for MVC.

How to Add Security in Web API

Web API (C1WebApi) provides a set of RESTful HTTP services layered over ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core Web API. It supports security from its feature set, allowing the flexibility of an out-of-the-box customization.

How to use GrapeCity Documents with AWS Lambda

In this article, we are walking through the process of using GrapeCity Documents APIs with AWS Lambda, Amazon’s Serverless offering.

How to use GrapeCity Documents with Azure Functions

This article discusses the process of using GrapeCity Documents APIs with Azure Functions -- Microsoft’s Serverless architecture.