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Shilpa Sharma

Since graduating from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Shilpa Sharma has gained nearly ten years of experience in the software industry while working at GrapeCity. As a Product Manager, she enjoys learning new things and working with subject-matter experts on a daily basis. In her free time, Shilpa likes reading and travelling. You can connect with Shilpa on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.


Comparing .NET Imaging Processing APIs (GcImaging vs. ImageSharp)

In this article, we’ll discuss features, imaging API use cases, and top reasons why you would want to choose to work with an imaging API.

Top Reasons to Use an Imaging API in Your Application

This article summarizes some reasons why you may need an Imaging API.

Get Started with GcImaging on Linux (Video)

How to get started with GcImaging image API on a Linux system

Get Started with GcImaging on Mac (Video)

How to get started with GcImaging image API on a Mac system

Get Started with GcImaging on Windows (Video)

How to get started with GcImaging image API on a Windows system

Now shipping: GcImaging and GcDocs Service Packs

We're pleased to announce the launch of GcImaging and service packs for GcPdf, GcExcel, and GcWord. 

Introducing GcImaging, a New Imaging API for .NET Core

With GcImaging, you can create, load, modify, and save images in .NET Core applications with full support on Windows, macOS, and Linux and deploy as FaaS with AWS Lambda, Azure functions, and more.

What's new in GcExcel v2 Service Pack 1

We are pleased to announce the new v2 service pack 1, which extends the feature set to support new features and improve on existing ones per our customers' requests.