It was a packed house last night, with about 60 people in attendance for the 5 Guys With Code/Swag extravaganza. Everybody loves the corporate guy with a big bag o' swag, and most of the room sent up the "swag signal" (click the photos below for a larger version), which is similar in concept to the Bat Signal, but for free stuff instead of a caped crusader. The right side of the room deserves extra stuff next time for better participation.

DSC_7322 (Small) DSC_7321 (Small)

This led, naturally, to another completely flawless demo that ran perfectly on time. My talk was a brief introduction to the new SQL CE 4 database, using Web Matrix and the Razor syntax. I've uploaded an updated set of slides at The slides are in a PDF, and I turned the spoken demo into a series of slides so you can follow along with what we covered. As a bonus, you can see the grid that never rendered thanks to an errant proxy setting in my IE.

Many prizes were given away, including a license for a ComponentOne control suite of choice. This uber-lucky winner was Rod Boggess. Don't forget to call Eve soon, Rod!

DSC_7323 (Small)

As a tribute to my habit of cramming a lot of information into very little time, my former coworker Nate Duchene presented me with the "30 Minute Presentation in 15 Minutes Award". A giant bottle of Mountain Dew, he's very thoughtful. It has a special place on my desk.

DSC_7325 (Small)

Thanks to Dave Hoerster for organizing another great event!