I love code camps, especially the So Cal Code Camps. Yup, that's plural as Southern California is lucky enough to have three per year. Last weekend, October 23-24 was So Cal Code Camp - USC and I was lucky enough to get the chance to present again. I gave the same presentation as what I did at Silicon Valley Code Camp three weeks ago - ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework 4 - but this time it went a whole lot smoother. The room was ready, the projector was working correctly, and the audience was right on. Just about 50 attendees with standing room only and five people sitting on the floor. I brought along six of our C1 beanies which I tossed out during my talk to people who made good comments, pointed out different ways to do things, and laughed at my jokes.

I also manned the ComponentOne booth during the day and had a great time talking to the wide variety of Code Campers about our products, passing out literature, key chain carabineers, and our magic "wear these and you'll never write bad code again" sunglasses.

Thanks to Art Villa and everyone who helped to put on a successful event. It's a lot of work and they all deserve a big round of applause. And a special thanks to my wife, Carmina, (my own personal booth babe) who took over for me when I went to present.


My slides are at http://www.slideshare.net/latringo/mvc-and-entity-framework-4, and if you happened to be in attendance, please take a few minutes to tell me what you thought of my presentation at http://speakerrate.com/latringo