Since we last posted in April about Spread for SharePoint, we have developed a Web page with more information. See Spread for SharePoint. "Spread for SharePoint is a Windows SharePoint Server v3 (WSS) integrated spreadsheet Web Part. Delivered as a SharePoint Feature, Spread for SharePoint provides SharePoint users with a feature-rich, customizable and personalizable spreadsheet experience. Spread for SharePoint takes Web Part capabilities to the next level by addressing the needs of the SharePoint Users, SharePoint Administrators, SharePoint Developers and System Integrators. " Feel free to try it out -- it's still in beta. Send an email to and put something like "Request to Join the Spread for SharePoint Beta Team" in the subject line. Thanks to Michael Gannotti of Microsoft for blogging about Spread for SharePoint. And thanks to those who are already signed up for the beta! --Bill

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