An important pre-requisite for developing sophisticated business intelligence applications on Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET is some sort of a .NET analytics component (or framework) that works with multidimensional data and has these key capabilities:

   - Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities
   - Data visualization that works with multidimensional data
   - Built-in support for commonly used analytics operations

<div>Let’s briefly look at each one of these to better understand how GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis meets these requirements.</div>
<div></div>The ActiveAnalysis pivot view supports OLAP from the ground-up

OLAP is best described as a technique (or a way) to get fast answers to multidimensional data queries. The ActiveAnalysis pivot view uses these OLAP compatible features:

   - An OLAP compatible pivot grid that handles OLAP data
   - Support for multidimensional expressions (MDX) and local cubes as data sources
   - Data cards or data panes that help design the multidimensional data view
   - Data shelfs to host measures and dimensions for the pivot view


</div>Also see ActiveAnalysis as a .NET/Silverlight OLAP client for Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS).

ActiveAnalysis data visualization works with multidimensional data

ActiveAnalysis comes with built-in charts and data visualization features that are designed for multidimensional data from the ground up. They include:

   - Flexible Charting options and the ability to instantly switch between text views and chart views
   - Visually differentiating multiple data elements in the same view
   - Creating multiple views (business dashboards) for the same data
   - Plotting trend lines in both discrete and continuous modes
   - Animating timeline graphs to uncover hidden trends in data
   - Ability to select individual data points for more analysis
   - Drag and drop user interface for maximum ease of use

<div>ActiveAnalysis implements commonly used analytics tasks

ActiveAnalysis has built-in support for common analytics tasks that include:</div>
   - Quickly filtering data with pre-defined filters
   - Drilling down and up the data
   - Performing top down and bottom up analysis
   - Displaying summary and aggregate information
   - Ranking and sorting data
   - Undoing changes made to the analysis view
   - Exporting to Microsoft Excel for offline sharing
   - Printing and sharing of analysis results

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis provides everything you need from a Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET analytics component to help you develop complete business intelligence solutions with business dashboards, database analytics and more, with very little effort.