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Wijmo Roadmap for 2017

It's hard to believe another year of Wijmo has gone by. 2016 was another productive year of development and growth for the Wijmo team. Looking back at our 2016 roadmap, you can see that we delivered everything that we promised. Let's recap some of 2016's highlights:

What's coming to Xuni in 2017

In this article we'll examine what changes are coming to Xuni in 2017.

Wijmo Usage Survey 2016

Dear customers and evaluators, we have always and will always want feedback from you. Our roadmap is customer-driven and your input is needed. Please take 2 minutes to complete the Wijmo Usage Survey. The answers will drive our focus and future development.

Happy Birthday, Wijmo 5!

It’s hard to believe Wijmo is another year old! Wijmo is six years old, and Wijmo 5 is officially two years old. Last year I wrote up a five year history of Wijmo, so this year, let's look at Wijmo 5.

2016 v2 Preview: Our Roadmap for July

Our summer release is only six weeks away, so I thought I'd give you a heads-up on what we'll be releasing in mid-July! There's a lot of familiar ground here--we continue to refactor our grid, chart, and report controls,  ensuring that they're fast, flexible, feature-rich and still boast  a small footprint. FlexChart and FlexReport are branching out, going from the current beta status to full launches in several platforms. We're also introducing Financial Chart as a beta into WinForms, UWP, and WPF.

Roadmap Update - What’s Planned for 2016

Xuni has three major releases each year and the next one (2016 v2) will be happening on July 13th 2016. Between each major release we also schedule at least one service update that includes bug fixes and minor improvements. Below is a rundown of what you can expect coming soon in Xuni. All planned features are for iOS, Android and the Xamarin Platform unless otherwise noted.

Wijmo Roadmap for 2016

Well, 2015 went by quickly! It was a huge year for Wijmo, especially for Wijmo 5. Deciding to write an entirely new set of JS Controls that broke away from the traditional Widget concept turned out to be the right choice.

Xuni Roadmap - 2016 v1

Here's a list of what we are expecting to offer for the 2016 v1 release in March 2016 and in an update later this month.

Xuni Roadmap - July Update

In the first release of Xuni  we got our feet wet with Xamarin.Forms and native data visualization controls. We knew we wouldn’t be the first to market with iOS and Android charts, but what we did accomplish was creating some of the first completely cross-platform data visualization controls for Xamarin.Forms. Built specifically and solely for Xamarin.Forms, Xuni gives you the quickest solution to charts and gauges for all devices.