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ASP.NET - What's New for C1Studio Web Forms and MVC Controls

We are pleased to announce that 2016 V1 adds new business controls and capabilities to various C1Studio ASP.NET  Editions. MVC Edition now has a new FlexSheet control that enables you to build spreadsheet  like apps for the web, and we're also launching FlexViewer as beta. FlexViewer lets users view .NET reports built with FlexReport on the web. Save time building MVC applications with scaffolding support for our MVC Edition controls,  FinancialChart gets powerful analytical tools. Web Forms Edition continues to add features to major controls based on feedback from the community.

Changes to Xuni Control Delegates and C# Event Signatures

The new 2016v1 release has made a few changes to the native iOS control delegates to provide some improved behaviors when dealing with multiple instantiations of the same control type, and to give the controls better support for the C# style events available in Xamarin.iOS.

HTML5 Report Viewer : Viewing .NET Reports in ASP.NET MVC

We're pleased to launch FlexViewer for MVC, a new HTML5 report viewer supporting FlexReport and C1Reports. C1Studio's FlexReport has been a leap forward in our strong Reporting & Documentation offering, and the FlexViewer for MVC is a powerful addition to your .NET reporting capabilities.

Getting started with FlexSheet for MVC, a Web-based Spreadsheet Control

Provide users with a familiar, Excel-like web-based spreadsheet control with FlexSheet for ASP.NET MVC. FlexSheet for ASP.NET MVC offers a unique combination of server and client side features:

How to Use ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding in MVC Edition

MVC Scaffolding allows developers to add code-free controls into their apps.

UWP Edition: What's New in March 2016

We're excited to release our UWP Edition, a full collection of controls for Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform! Based on our WinRT Edition, the UWP Edition includes over 50 controls for grids, data management, visualization, scheduling, input, reporting, navigation, and utilities like pdf, excel and word files generation.