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Exploring PdfPrint Option in ActiveReports Silverlight Viewer

The Silverlight Viewer in the professional edition of ActiveReports 7 provides a very useful tool for viewing reports over the web. The design and creation of a report is not just limited to the viewing experience; the end user should also be able to print the reports efficiently. Though the Silverlight Viewer provides a Print button on the toolbar to handle printing requests, large reports can be a concern to print spoolers. In these cases, the PDF printing option provided by the viewer is a very useful feature to have. ActiveReports supports native Silverlight API printing, but  we can reduce the spooler size from the default Silverlight printing by using PDF Printing.

Implementing AR6 Copy Functionality in AR7

ActiveReports provides a number of ways to view your report output. Besides previewing your report at design time, you can also view the reports you design in the Viewer. This viewer contains a toolbar which provides you with the ability to perform a number of actions including the Copy functionality.

Creating ActiveReports on the Fly

The extensive API of ActiveReports 7 allows Visual Basic and C# developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. It provides control over the following Events and Properties :

How to : Create Pages of Mixed Orientation in ActiveReports

ActiveReports provides the users with various options to customize their reports as per their requirement. Quite often, customers have asked if their reports can be created with pages of mixed orientation. As of now, a report with some pages in landscape mode and some in portrait mode cannot be created directly. This is because the page orientation can be set only in the ReportStart event of the report and hence once it is set, it cannot be changed.

Merge Multiple ActiveReports

ActiveReports doesn't just offer an easy reporting solution; it also offers a flexible reporting style. You can create 'n' number of reports using ActiveReports and can further merge these reports to preview them as one document.

Generate Columns at Runtime in ActiveReports

Ad-Hoc reporting is a very common requirement if we talk about reporting. It is very common for a developer to handle the report data and layout, and it can become quite a tedious task if the reporting tool is not flexible enough. Thanks to the rich API of ActiveReports, developers can use it efficiently,  both at the designer level as well when working with code-behind.

How To: Show a Progress Bar in ActiveReports

ActiveReports is designed to run reports as quickly a possible, so generally reports are generated and displayed on the viewer in no time. Since there is no benchmark defined in regards to the length of a report, it could vary from a very small report to a very large report. When working with a very large report, the report generation may take a while; however the user has no option to check on the report progress.

Fetch Unique & Sorted Parameter Values in Active Reports

ActiveReports is one of the most powerful report designers in the market. With its new PageLayout feature, it allows designing of reports at page level without using any banded sections. And therefore, it has become every developers’ first choice.

When designing a report there are many features which might be required to be included in the report. A Table of Contents page not only gives a report a more professional look, but also eases navigation for the users viewing the report. In this blog article, I will throw some light on how we can add a TOC page to a report. This will allow users to check what topic is located on which page and will provide them with the ability to directly navigate to the corresponding page using the hyperlink functionality. Let us first see how our TOC page will look like:

WPFViewer UI Customization using Expression Blend

Most third party developer components come with numerous features but one major feature that every developer wants is the flexibility to customize the control. ActiveReports 7 WPF Viewer is built keeping this in mind so as to give developers a freehand in customizing most WPF Viewer features.

Automatically Export a Section Report to Excel Using SpreadBuilder API

ActiveReports provides a lot of export options which include PDF, RTF, TIFF and XLS to name a few. Excel is one format which is very commonly used by programmers. ActiveReports does allow you to export to Excel; however there are some limitations and the output is not 100% WYSIWYG.

Consecutive Page Numbers For Merged Section Reports

When  creating professional reports, page numbers are considered to be an important element The section based reports of ActiveReports 7 does have a ReportInfo control available which can be used to automatically write page number on the reports. But there are scenarios when the ReportInfo cannot be used. For example if we are creating multiple reports and merging them together to create a single report, the ReportInfo control cannot be used to write continuous page numbers on the merged report since it works on individual report level. Similarly this holds true for reports which uses subreports within it.

How To: Create a Dynamic Gantt Chart

One of the many chart types provided in ActiveReports is the Gantt Chart. The Gantt chart is a project management tool used to analyze the progress of individual project tasks. The chart shows a comparison of project task completion to the task schedule. In a Gantt chart the X and Y axes are reversed i.e the X axis is vertical and the Y axis is horizontal.

ComponentOne 2013 Roadmap

One more year has passed, and as usual there is tons of relevant news about existing and new technologies that affect all of us developers.

Archiving reports digitally with PDF/A

Document archiving is an essential requirement for organizations which are dependent on historical or sensitive data. In this electronic era, we are creating heaps of digital data and archiving them from time to time. It becomes important that these electronic documents are stored in a way that remains pertinent when referenced in future.

How To: Optimize Performance of Section Report

Sometimes when a very large report is previewed or run, Report authors and developers may experience an "Out Of Memory" exception . Before we go further, let's understand that ActiveReports is designed to run reports as quickly as possible and each time a new page is rendered it is stored in memory. This means that there is a linear correlation between the number of pages in a report and the amount of memory required to hold that document in memory.

Upgrading old WPF ActiveReports Projects to ActiveReports 7 WPFViewer

ActiveReports has been in the business of providing reporting solutions to organizations and individuals alike. Throughout the years, ActiveReports has evolved and added support for various platforms like Windows Forms, Web, Silverlight, and Flash. However official support for WPF platform remained elusive until ActiveReports 7 Service Pack 1 release which now ships with a WPFViewer Control to cater the WPF developer community.

Custom Printer Settings in Active Report 7

Active Reports 7 is our award-winning .NET reporting tool that allow the users to completely control the report processing engine to fit their reporting needs.

Orlando Code Camp with ComponentOne as Diamond Sponsor: Recap

OMG! This was an incredible event! I car pooled up to the code camp with Michael Stark… so it was the first year ever that I showed up on time for the Friday night speaker dinner . I have to remember to do that next year. I never allocate enough time to get up to Lake Mary as it is just 40 miles from Daytona and you need to figure in rush hour traffic going thru Orlando coming up from the Tampa area, as many of the speakers encountered. I forgot to pack several items including my CPAP machine, my MiFi  and my underwear (for the record, I purchased underwear up there). How I could forget these particular items is beyond me! Fiscal year end activities in March at ComponentOne have had me so swamped, that I guess I did not have my thinking cap on when I packed for the trip.