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Posts tagged with 'android-profiling'

Android Performance and Profiling Tips Webcast

Performance is always key. No matter how relevant or well-designed your app, if it takes too long to load or perform an action, your users will uninstall. Want to learn how to find and fix Android app performance bottlenecks accurately? Join GrapeCity Program Manager Chris Ripple as he walks you through utilizing profiling tools to find gridlocks and using recycling, object pooling, caching, and AsyncTask to fix them and maximize performance gains in your Android applications in this Android Performance and Profiling Tips webcast.

Android Method Profiling with DDMS

In this blog post I look at how to profile my app's method execution time using DDMS Method Profiling. I also cover installing and launching DDMS and analyzing test results.

I Want to Profile My Android Apps! What Tools are Available?

Profiling is especially important on mobile apps because of the tight resource constraints. By using profiling tools you can measure method execution time, monitor the full heap space, and track memory allocations in real time. In this first blog post I will mention the available profiling tools and how to enable developer options on your device before I dive deeper into Android profiling in parts 2 and 3.