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WP7 App Showcase: C1Buzz

C1Buzz is a Windows Phone 7 app I wrote myself using some ComponentOne controls. It is basically an RSS reader that is specially tailored to show all ComponentOne social media. The key feature of the app is that it parses Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress RSS feeds using System.Xml.Linq classes. The Facebook feeds are then displayed using the C1RichTextBox control.

WP7 App Showcase: World Indicators

In this app showcase Windows Phone developer Dan Ardelean talks about his app, World Indicators. He built this app to leverage the free World Bank data made available through the azure data market. The app uses azure data services as well as controls from ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone.

WP7 App Showcase: ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards scans business cards to your Windows Phone and adds contacts to your address book. Additionally it offers 22 premium features not included in any other business card scanner. It is the only scanning app with real-time backup to the Cloud and web-based access to your cards from any browser. The ScanBizCards app also uses the C1CoverFlow control from Studio for Windows Phone as one of the card view features.

ComponentOne Windows Phone App Showcase

If you've published a Windows Phone app using ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone, let us showcase it for you on our web site. We will promote your app with a blog post and feature it on our web site in a new and upcoming app showcase page.