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Auto-size ComboBoxCellType Columns in Spread for WinForms

The AutoSize feature of TextCellType and GeneralCellType Columns in Spread for WinForms can be implemented using GetPreferredColumnWidth method of the SheetView class. This method basically gets the width of the widest text string in the specified column on the sheet. However, this feature is not available for the ComboBoxCellType columns.

How to: AutoSize Spread for WinForms

The AutoSize feature of Spread COM removes the blank area around the grid cells such that Spread always takes the size of Rows and Column count. Unfortunately, this feature is not available  as a built-in feature with Spread for WinForms.

Resize Columns in C1Excel

C1XLBook can be used to load existing Excel files or create new ones. It may also be used for adding sheets, styles, hyperlinks, images, headers and footers, page breaks etc.