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Implement MultiDataTriggers in C1DataGrid

With this blog, we will see how one can implement MultiDataTrigger in conjunction with C1DataGrid.

Few of our customers had a requirement to change the background of a cell depending on its contents. This can be easily accomplished using the cellStyleFormatter utility provided by Wijgrid. For eg. if the value in a cell is less than 25, then its background color should be yellow and the forecolor should be red.

Change BackColor of a Cell in C1Sizer

While working with C1Sizer for Winforms, at times users come across the need to set different BackColor for the individual grid-cells. Almost all grid  controls have this property exposed. However, C1Sizer doesn't (its not a regular grid with regular cells either) and hence, this gets  wee bit difficult. This article lets us implement the same; and this is all we need to do: