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LightSwitch HTML 101: BarChart and the Radial Gauge

In this tutorial, we will learn some of the basics of the barchart and the radial gauge, and then tie the two together using some JavaScript. These concepts are terrific if you want to create an interactive and dynamic interface for your end users.

How To: Select Multiple PlotElements using Mouse in WPF Chart

Chart control being frequently used for data analysis always left a void for customization in Winforms version. However, with WPF, this void has been filled.

How To: Change the Width of a Bar in Wijmo Bar Chart

When there are multiple charts on a page having different number of bars in each, then, the width of bars vary in each chart. This is because the width of a bar is directly dependent on the number of datapoints(bars) in a dataseries. That means, if a barchart has 2 datapoints then the bars will be thicker as compared to the width of bars in a chart having 6 datapoints. The charts will look like:

Customizations in Wijmo BarChart

Every day, we have so many requests from our customers for customizing WijBarChart as per their requirements. So, I thought why not discuss some of them here so that it may help other customers as well. In this blog, I would demonstrate how you can access the three important elements of bar chart i.e. Bars, ChartLabels and Legend and modify them as per the requirement. Here are some common customizations: