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Add a dependency-free JavaScript TabPanel control with Wijmo

We recently added a TabPanel control to Wijmo’s ‘nav’ module, where you'll also find our TreeView control.

Video: Inside Wijmo 5 Session at Echo 2016

GrapeCity has been developing JavaScript products for over six years, and in summer of 2016, hosted two global conferences on JavaScript in Seoul and Tokyo. Chris Bannon, Wijmo product manager, and Alex Ivanenko, program manager, presented two talks to their audiences. This recording is from Chris's presentation in Tokyo.

Authoring TagHelpers for Bootstrap Components

In this blog series I have covered basics of creating TagHelpers. We've learned:

Inside Wijmo 5, a Large-scale JavaScript Product

This week I gave everyone an inside look at Wijmo 5. It was fun to give a behind-the-scenes look at our product. I hope everyone enjoyed it and can learn from our experience.

Introducing Our New MVC 5 Tools

We have been supporting MVC for about 3 years in our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. I am now proud to announce our new MVC 5 Tools. Our new tools include:

Using Bootstrap with Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Microsoft has shipped some nice to Project Templates in Visual Studio 2013. The new templates use a theming framework called Bootstrap. We are always looking to make life easier for our customers, so we decided to provide official support for Bootstrap in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. Take a look at how easy it is to integrate Bootstrap with our Controls.

Wijmo 2013v3 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2013v3 has landed! This is another monumental release for us. This release includes some major new features like Bootstrap support, AMD support, Grid row editing and Grid Command Columns as well as major performance enhancements and a long list of bug fixes.