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Build Recap: Opportunities and a Bright Future

MS Build 2017 marked the first year Microsoft held the Build conference in Seattle. I arrived in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon, and it was the first time I visited this beautiful city. It was also the first time I used Uber. I booked an UberX through the App, and after several minutes a Toyota Prius arrived in the parking lot designated for Uber service in the airport, so it was pretty easy.

BUILD Top Gun Event

While Kenny Loggins couldn't make it for a cameo performance of "Highway to the Dangerzone," the event went on and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

BUILD Thoughts

Unless you were living under a rock (and pardon me if you do), you heard that last week was the BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA.  Microsoft unleashed the new awesomeness that is called Windows 8.  In fact, all the attendees at the conference got a new Samsung tablet running the OS.