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Chart in C1GridView Template Column

The C1GridView template column allows you to host various controls inside the grid. Imagine a sales report with a grid where textual data is not that explanatory compared to visual representation. It would be so nice to see a chart showing sales trend inside a grid or gauge depicting total sales. You can achieve this simply by using template column of gridview and hosting controls within. Let me walk you through  a simple application showing how to create one like below.

C1GridView:Delete Row Using 'Del' Key

C1GridView supports server side deletion of Rows by pressing the Delete command button. Pressing the delete command button fires the server side RowDeleting event and the particular row is deleted.

C1GridView: Binding Dropdown Column

We can create different types of columns in C1GridView. Following documentation link provides detailed information on the available column types for C1GridView.  In these different types of columns, C1TemplateField is very popular as it can be customized to meet various user requirements. We can include controls in the ItemTemplate Property of C1TemplateField and bind it with data that will be shown when the grid loads. We can also include controls in EditItemTemplate Property of C1TemplateField and these controls can be used as an editor for the grid.  See the documentation topic "Adding Controls to a column" for details on how you can create a  C1Templatefield, include them in C1GridView and add controls to this column.

Wijmo Gridview: Maintaining Scroll Position on Asynchronous Postback

Most of the developers prefer placing contents in an Update Panel so that they can avoid full page postback. But, when we place Gridview for Wijmo in an Update Panel then it loses its scroll position after the asynchronous postback as the grid is reloaded. The scrollbars are reset and the end user is required to scroll it back to the location where it was before partial postback.